Dead Rising Coming To Xbox One & PC This Year

Dead Rising 4 was an early casualty of last week’s pre-E3 leak fest. Over time, a cluster of escaped screenshots aligned to depict a rather frosty looking sequel to the Xbox One launch title.


This fourth mainline instalment sees the return of fan favourite Frank West as he chops his way through a festive zombie onslaught.

In development at Capcom Vancouver, Dead Rising 4 is currently plan for both Xbox One and PC. The game is slated for a “Holiday 2016” launch.

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  1. So will this becoming to Playstation as we didn’t hear it was a console exclusive to Xbox?

    • i would assume so.
      if they could have claimed it was exclusive, they would have.
      and it doesn’t sound like they’ll have an exclusivity window either, because they would have bragged about that.

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