Gameplay From Friday The 13th Emerges

Footage from the Kickstarted Friday the 13th game has arrived from E3 and it’s rather brutal. Spines get snapped, faces get smashed in to walls, and it’s all very stabby. Unfortunately you you’ll will have to endure a bro-fest around the edge of the screen, including a Geordie LaForge wannabe, to watch the footage.

Please note the video is quite violent and for that reason may be a little NSFW.

Source: YouTube

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. Well that looks bad but good at the same time, I thought they would have gone until dawn on the game

  2. I was very distracted by Cyclops on the footer of this video.

  3. I realise that this is Alhpa/early footage but I quite like the jerky animations and less than perfect textures. This all adds to the feeling of the original very low budget film rather than later larger budget iterations, particularly X and Vs Freddie.

    Keep it rough round the edges and I’ll be interested.

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