Friday the 13th: The Game is being removed from sale

Friday the 13th: The Game is set to be delisted from digital storefronts with physical copies also being removed from sale later this year.

According to publisher Gun Interactive, this is due to the license expiring which will take effect on December 31, 2023. It’s not all bad news, however, with the base game and all DLC receiving a heavy price slash. Here’s their full statement:

The time has come. Our license for Friday the 13th will expire on December 31st, 2023. On that date, Friday the 13th: The Game will no longer be available for sale, both physically and digitally.

The game will, however, continue to function through at least December 31, 2024, if you already own it. At this time, we’ve made the decision to reduce the price to $4.99 for the base game and $0.99 for each piece of DLC content. We will continue to offer the title and content at that price point right up until it is removed from digital/physical storefronts on December 31st, 2023.

We would like to thank our community for the dedication they’ve shown to Friday the 13th: The Game and Gun Interactive as a whole, and we are happy the game will live on awhile longer and continue to be enjoyed by anyone owning the game already.

Originally released in 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC before jumping to Nintendo Switch, Friday the 13th: The Game sure was rugged, yet unique in its approach to online multiplayer.

The game transforms familiar locations from the slasher film franchise into virtual playgrounds where players engage in matches. The objective is for Jason, controlled by one player, to hunt down up to seven other players who are trying to thwart his killing spree. The players can coordinate with each other, acting as counsellors, to fix cars and boats for their escape or call the cops to intervene. If the cops are called, players must wait for the squad cars to arrive while using tricks and traps to prevent Jason from killing them.

Controlling Jason, the player has various abilities at their disposal. They can deliver punishing blows with melee weapons, throw knives, lay bear traps, and instantly kill anyone they manage to grab. In addition, Jason possesses supernatural powers that enable him to locate survivors, chase them at high speeds, and even teleport to any point on the map. These powers contribute to the slasher movie vibe of the game, making Jason feel omnipresent and virtually unstoppable.

Horror fans looking for their next fix won’t have to wait long as Gun Interactive and Sumo prepare to release The Texas Chainsaw Massacre later this year.