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Kratos’ New Voice Is Christopher Judge Of Stargate SG-1 Fame

If you were wondering why Kratos isn’t quite as shouty and angry in the new God of War, we might have another reason beyond having a son to look after…

That’s right, Christopher Judge, who’s best known for his role as Teal’c on Stargate SG-1. Kratos even has scar in his belly now to match where Teal’c’s Goa’uld would live.* For a reminder of how Kratos now sounds, watch the reveal video all over again:

It’s a little like the shift from David Hayter to Keifer Sutherland in Metal Gear Solid V, and I’m curious to see how fans react to the change. TC Carson, the former voice of Kratos, is as well.

*Calm down, I know the real reason. It’s OK.

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  1. Thought it sounded like him but couldn’t find any info on the voice actors.
    Well suited to the new direction I think.

  2. Wow :-)

  3. Makes me wonder if TC Carson couldn’t pull of the calmer bits, or if he just didn’t agree with the new direction.

    It certainly sounds similar enough.

  4. To be fair, David Hayter was the voice of an icon for 2 decades and Kojima giving him the sack under the BS reasoning of age, an actor needing to do the role of snake and giving it to a film actor did piss off the entire fanbase. Along with Naked Snake being voiced by Hayter and it was badly handled in game.

    But TC Carson? Kratos kinda doesn’t have that kind of support. He just kinda shouted a lot, swore revenge, got revenge, got greedy, got put in his place, went on the warpath and murdered everything in Greece.

    But the new voice is very Kratos and I didn’t know they had a new voice actor. It could be that TC Carson didn’t fancy more shouting or only signed on to do Kratos X ammount of times and got offered something else thus being unable to return as Kratos.

    The Going in a new direction is interesting and I do wonder if he has just disagreed with how Kratos is still alive.

    Will be interesting to see if Kratos goes back into his “ZEUS! I HAVE COME TO KILL YOU!” mode and kill everything again.

  5. Don’t like the new voice, it doesn’t suit Kratos at all, when he shouted at his son, just did not have that Kratos feel,

    • To be fair, that wasn’t ANGRER THEN THE HULK voice that KRatos uses. More of a Kratos is still calm voice.

      • Still not Kratos, a voice can define a character, in Kratos case, it made the character

      • I disagree. It felt like an older Kratos and well, Kratos only had yelling, not yelling, yelling, yelling, stabbing, throttling, punching in his voice.

  6. Interesting choice. I didn’t watch the reveal until now, but for the first two minutes I couldn’t get Teal’c out of my head!!! He does an angry in a new style though. Still can’t stop thinking it’s Teal’c though.

  7. I didn’t mind the new voice for Kratos. To me it’s not as big of a difference as it was with Snake.

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