What We Played #258: Halo Wars 2, Battlefield 1 and Just Cause 3

It’s been a busy week here at TSA Towers. Unless you’ve been living under a rock with very poor WiFi you’ll know that this week has played host to the annual E3 conference in Los Angeles, and as such there has been a veritable cavalcade of game announcements and trailers. It’s all been rather exciting – if you like that sort of thing – giving us a picture of the major titles that we’ll see in the next couple of year. Hell, Insomniac are doing a Spider-Man game, which should be enough to get you ungrateful lot excited.

Even so, we’ve managed to fit in some actual game playing alongside all of the game news writing, and personally I’ve been taking full advantage of being on paternity leave, playing lots of stuff while my wife and our new baby Ezra catch some well deserved Z’s. On the reviewing front I’ve ended up juggling Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Mario & Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympics and Monster Hunter Generations, while putting together a look at Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer beta.

Beyond that, Monster Hunter as a whole has completely overtaken our household with Noah playing the iOS version from a couple of years ago while I slog away at Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U. I did made a late start on The Order: 1886 after picking it up cheaply at CEX and it’s just as pretty as I was led to believe, and finally, I bunged in a few rounds of Overwatch too.

Tuffcub has been playing a game called “sleeping”, which from what I’ve heard involves closing your eyes in a dark room for a while in order to regain energy – like a slightly rubbish version of Master Chief’s shield recharge. When not taking part in this particular game, he’s also been indulging in some Just Cause 3, though don’t ask him what the story is as he has noticed any story over the deafening sound of the explosions. He also got stuck on Grow Home, played the Resident Evil 7 demo, and snuck in a little more Rocket League as well.

Unfortunately Kris didn’t fit much time in between Real Life™ and a special E3 edition of the podcast. Besides a little iPhone-based Sudoku he got into a score war with Lewis on Steppy Pants, which I had to Google to find out about. The important thing is that Kris obviously likes it!

Miguel has been “a little bit swamped” with a trip to Japan, the jammy git, but if that’s not enough to annoy you he’s also been playing hours upon hours of Grand Kingdom for review, while also returning to Atelier Sophie when he’s had the chance.

Our illustrious leader Tef has been doing some mild swanning about, which has meant he’s been able to play games that aren’t even out yet. Primary amongst them are Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, both of which he wrote lovely previews for, but he also got in some SteamWorld Heist, Trials of the Blood Dragon and sought out Hitman’s latest Elusive Target.

But, enough about us, what about you? What games have taken up your free time over the past week?

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  1. Lots of Mad Max which was my 3rd playthrough due to a glitched item first time and a glitched complete all scrap locations challenge which stopped me getting final trophy for plat,finally picked up the Platinum Tuesday carefully backing up saves just incase and still witnessed several glitches,Monday was Dead Island with Forrest and R1MJAW and Wednesday was Division with Forrest Toutski and Berzerka and tonight should be GTA with Forrest again and R1MJAW and heedbaw,other than that i’ve played a little Overwatch and Mxgp2 and started The stick of Truth.

    • I gave up on Mad Max after a few hours, seemed very generic and dull.

  2. Got Battlefield Hardline in the sale. Took about 2 days to download, so only played first couple of levels.

  3. First off I got the platinum out of Lego Jurassic World on the Vita, which was nowhere near as painful as Lego Marvell avengers on Vita. I got off Xbox one today out of that i got PSN credit and preordered South Park Fractured and whole so I got the Stick of Through which I’m loving too. Not much else for me though because of European Championships are dominating my time.

  4. Mostly Uncharted 2 and returned to Driveclub for a jaunt.
    Then a few demos, Lego SW Awakens – no surprises there, Doom – quickly got bored of the shoot,punch repetition, Resi 7: Beginning Hour – not the hour long demo i expected, only about 15 minutes long so i played it twice and got my first and only scare during the second playthrough. I’ll give it another go as there seems to be a few variations to discover but so far it hasn’t matched PT for sheer terror.

    And i also played a bit of the free-to-play Peta game Kitten Squad. An okay twin-stick room by room shooter but each mission begins with a frank desription of the abuse and neglect that each critter has been subjected to, which is supposedly to instill some empathy for said critter as you play the game but actually i got the feeling whomever wrote it might be willing to kill a few humans in order to save a few animals. You earn in-game credits but all you can buy are cosmetic items. For example, lowest end of scale a black beanie hat for 100 credits – upper end of the scale a white beanie hat for 6000 credits. You can purchase game credits with real money but there is absolutely no need unless you really, really want all the different-coloured-but-same cosmetic items. The game naturally get’s steadily more difficult as you progress so it seems they missed a trick by not adding something to spend your credits on other than cosmetic items.

  5. Not a lot of actual gaming this week (far too busy watching the e3 footage).

    Picked up a copy of DOOM on PC which ended up giving me motion sickness after an hour of play – wonky frame rate and high speeds, not a good combination :(

    Dusted off my PS4 after their cracking e3 conference and downloaded the RE7 demo. Holy crap am I looking forward to that game coming out =D

  6. Congratulations to the little one, all the best for you and your family..!

    This week, I was mostly watching e3, which was EA, MS, Sony, Ubisoft, and some of the live YouTube stuff. Then I played through the Doom demo, which was okay but I’ve no need to play any more of it. Had a longer session of Uncharted 4 last night, which I was suffering for this morning.
    Am looking forward to more Uncharted 4, as the story now started to pick up a little, and the RE7 demo sitting on my hard drive.

    And then I was going through the discounts on the PS store, trying hard not to buy anything (so far successfully), as my pile of unplayed games is still massive. For some reason, e3 reminded me a lot of this pile too, maybe because many sequels were presented, of which I sill need to play my copy of the previous entry in the series.

  7. Congratulations on the little one Dom! All the best to you and your new family!! Take a million photos and try to believe people if they tell you it gets easier, it’s does :)
    I’ve been playing some Real Life, I had a quick go at the Holiday level but got tonsillitis. Had a few days of fever and hallucinations including the cast of Love Island throwing coins at my house made of duvets, that one mad me very angry!! Penicillin is fixing all.

    • Cheers mate – as our second we’re caught somewhere between being smug about how much easier it is this time around and the mild horror at actually remembering how tough newborn babies can be!

  8. Dead Island with Forrest and Pixel and GTA Online with Forrest, Pixel and heedbaw.
    Lots more Binding of Isaac Afterbirth. Finally unlocked the last secret character (and the trophies are actually fixed now too). Now to work on all the hard mode completion marks for each character.
    Played through trials of the Blood Dragon, it’s fun and pretty mental. Need to replay through the levels to get A+ ranks…though that could take a while.
    Thank goodness for picture in picture as it means I can watch/listen to the footy at the same time.

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