Community Chronicle: 19/06/16

Thank goodness that E3 is all done and dusted, the most hellishly busy time of year in the gaming calendar. Sure, there’s Gamescom, the run up to Christmas can get pretty batty with releases, and May this year managed to be the busiest that I can remember, but E3 still holds the crown, for me. Make sure to check out our great big round up post, before it slides off the front page.

And so I’ve been relaxing by watching the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which has been staggeringly close this year, with Toyota managing to pull out a slight tactical advantage, but with Porcshe keeping them honest and staying less than a minute behind all the way through. And that’s just the LMP1 prototypes! Even beyond that, there’s tennis, football, F1, motorbikes and plenty more this weekend.


We’ll take a step away from looking at your thoughts on the news, this week – there’s too much to truly sift through, in all honesty – and look instead at who you all thought “won” E3. You all took it far more seriously than I did.

TSBonyman was one of many to praise the pace of Sony’s show, as he wrote, “I have to say Sony’s was one of their best yet. Loved the orchestra playing throughout, that Crash reveal, Hideo Kojima on stage to reveal a new IP, some stunning games to look forward to and no stat-laden ‘state of the PlayStation nation” speeches.”

Picking his thoughts about the two hardware manufacturers, cam_manutd said, “Sony was certainly the most enjoyable of all conferences and, as a PS4 gamer, an utter delight. No timed exclusive DLC, no media, just games.” However, he continued that, “Xbox did well too, though their games aside from Forza Horizon 3 fell flat in my opinion. How they sort out their hardware scenario remains to be seen, but if you’re a PC gamer, it’s a good time to upgrade to Windows 10.”

Avenger said, “I think they all did a stellar job this year. Sony’s was a lot better than last year with an actual proper line-up of games, and Microsoft’s maintained the momentum of a strong showing of soon-to-be-released blockbusters and delectable indie games from the previous year. EA’s line-up was actually rather surprising, with a nice mixture there (even if there conference wasn’t technically at E3).”

But then there’s hornet1990, whose thoughts weren’t too far away from my own:

Simple – we won! I’m getting a bit fed up of this obsession with some one company having to “win” (whatever the hell that actually means).

At the end of the day they were all there to show off their wares and that we’ll be playing in the near future, regardless of which platform or platforms you’re invested in. Admittedly some did a better job of that than others, but that hardly constitutes winning in my book.

Literally the only fail condition here is if there wasn’t a single title shown that raised even a flicker of interest… in which case it may be time for you to find another hobby!

Of course, one of the biggest talking points was Microsoft’s set of big hardware announcements, with both the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio, which I thought let them finally start to exercise some control over this generation’s hardware evolution.

Others weren’t quite so positive about it, with JustTaylorNow saying, “So they release an Xbox One, then the Xbox One S, and they just make those two irrelevant with the release of Scorpio? Well I’m no business man but…”

TSBonyman returned to say, “Whilst I agree that they are taking a lead role with the Scorpio – and I’m fine with that, they’ve been on the back foot for far too long and the balance was always bound to shift again – I also think that Sony deliberately decided not to show their hand with Neo. It could be that they didn’t want it overshadowed by the Scorpio and so will wait a few months more before giving detailed info, or possibly they are going back to the drawing board.”

Though I think it was more to do with the fact that Scorpio would leak if Microsoft didn’t announce it for themselves, The Von Braun cannily noticed that, “MS announcing Scorpio reminds me of the media trick Sony pulled on Sega when they were busy talking up the Dreamcast and it’s games, basically just causally annouce you too have new hardware in development and make sure it’s tech specs dwarf that of your rivals.”

Naturally, so much of it still depends on the games for each system, and double-o-dave said, “Whether or not the Scorpio ends up more powerful than Neo makes no odds to me. I’ll more than likely side with the Neo as I think I’ve only ever been interested in one Xbox One exclusive, as opposed to a long list of PS exclusives.”


Between football and E3, there’s not bee too many achievements, so we’ll blitz through these, starting with Pixel_nme, who has doggedly hunted down the Mad Max platinum trophy, having had to restart the game several times because of several glitched out trophies.

DividSmythe polished off Lego Jurassic World on PS Vita, grabbing a platinum trophy that was “nowhere near as painful as Lego Marvel Avengers”, he was glad to say.

R1MJAW‘s blazed his way through Trials of the Blood Dragon, which was announced and released at E3, and while he has to go back and get A+ ranks, it sounded like he enjoyed it.

Beyond that, a lot of people seem to have been taking advantage of the Doom demo, getting a sneak peak at Resident Evil 7, and even playing a spot of the Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens demo!

The trophy leaderboards are on a hiatus at the moment, so after a rather brief Chronicle, all that’s left to do is bid you farewell for another week.

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  1. Just got the Platinum on the Vita for the Super Exploding Zoo ^^

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