Everything From E3 2016

Over the coming days the news will whooshing off TSA’s front page faster than a Microsoft u-turn and you may miss an important announcement, so we’ve brought back the sticky Everything E3 post with links to all the big reveals and trailers. This page will be constantly updated all through this week with anything E3, so check back regularly!










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  1. no real megaton announcements so far.
    maybe Quake, if you’re a fan.
    the Titanfall 2 campaign mode looks interesting, mostly the bit about the titans being intelligent.
    from what they showed in the trailer, i’m guessing, BT’s going to get real beat up, as you see the titan missing an arm at one point, and will have to sacrifice himself for either the mission or the pilot.
    or both.
    and i’d imagine the writers are hoping you’ll have started to care for BT by then.

    kind of like the Master Chief and Cortana relationship.

    obviously, the event where i’m expecting the big things that i’ll be interested in is the Sony show.
    some more Last Guardian, No Man’s Sky and Horizon Zero Dawn will all be welcome.
    and hopefully some surprises.

  2. Good stuff, it’ll be handy having one page to track all the announcements.

  3. great show from sony there.
    a bold move going with so little talking, but i think it actually worked bloody well.

    and some cool games, a few surprises and some release dates for games.

    the new God of War looks bloody amazing.

    Days Gone and the new Spider-Man game look cool.

    and Horizon just keep looking better and better.

    and how did they keep a new Resi game a secret up until the time when they’re launching a demo of it on the store?

    and the Last Guardian finally has a release date, and it’s this year.

  4. Sony certainly better than last year, but still only God of War that I’m really interested in. Ubisoft had by far the best show, as usual imo. Watch Dogs 2 probs ‘best in show’. Nothing that’s got me super hyped though. Nothing from Rockstar :-(

    • To be fair, Rockstar rarely attends E3. Atm, they are busy Mil… focusing on GTA:Online.

  5. Great round up this week guys, this post has been particularly helpful. Thanks for all the news, trailers and info rich comments!

  6. Awesome! Is there a way to save this article? I have a lot to catch up now.

    • It will be sticky till at least Sunday. It wont be deleted, but will fall off the front page after that so just bookmark the page :)

  7. Got to hand it to Sony, their conference was amazing this year. Loved every minute of it.

  8. I saw some gameplay footage of Vampyr from E3, it’s looking pretty good.

  9. Sony knocked it out if the park. Horizon: Zero Dawn, Days Gone and God of War IV look crazy. Spiderman and Crash Bandicoot were great surprises too.

    I’m stoked for other games like Yooka-Laylee, Zelda and Pokémon Sun and Moon too!

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