Take A Look At Some Ploughing Tractors In The Farming Simulator 17 Trailer

The Farming Simulator games are one of the more popular titles in the realistic simulator genre of games, and Focus Home Interactive has now confirmed that Farming Simulator 17 will be released towards the end of the year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. To accompany the annoucement Focus Home has released a new trailer of the Giants Software developed title, which focuses on some of the tractors available in game. It isn’t a gameplay trailer though.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing more about what will be in this year’s game, features like deformable soil and more business/tycoon-like features would be great.

  2. GAME.





    Yeah, i’m kinda not interested in it and well, it’s Farming. Unless you can shout “Ger off ma farm.” with a shotgun and argue with TEsco that the dead horse is in fact a cow, it’s kinda boring.

    That said, i am very biased as i want Train Simulator to get launched on consoles.

    Why U NO DO THIS!? Sure, the controls may have to be simplefied, i think but there is a market for it even if people buy it just to see how fast they could run a train before derailing it.

    Just want a train simulator that won’t require me needing a gaming rig just to run it. :(

  3. One day I’ll try Farming game. Maybe.

  4. Day one purchase – just as soon as the “Get orf moi laaand” shotgun dlc is released.

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