Bend Studio’s Days Gone Revealed For PlayStation 4

The entire trailer lasted just a few moments on Sony’s stage, but Bend Studios’ next game looks incredibly ambitious for a team that’s previously been best known for their PSP and PS Vita games. This is Days Gone

The gameplay demo seems to go into a lot more detail, with a tale of survival in a post apocalyptic world featuring zombies of some sort.

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  1. why does that guy look familiar?

    anyway, the gameplay from that looks fucking intense, these aren’t shambling zombies of old, these are a tidal wave of zombies, like those in the World War Z movie.

  2. I got a bit of a Last of Us vibe from this, look forward to seeing more.

    • Exactly what i thought mate. In fact if i had not seen the title first i would have thought it was some sort of spin off.

    • Just found the gameplay video – It’s a got a TLOU v Walking Dead vibe to it. Looking good.

  3. This looks promising. I take it this was the so-called ‘Dead don’t Ride’ game.

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