[UPDATE] Star Trek: Bridge Crew Is Coming To VR Formats This Year

Update 2: here’s the trailer from Ubisoft’s press conference, featuring legit Star Trek bridge crew playing Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

Ubisoft are to release a Star Trek themed social VR game which puts you directly on the bridge of your own spaceship. According to MCV this will be a brand new ship, the U.S.S Aegis, rather than an existing ship, so that developers Red Storm could mess about with the usual format and put engineering on the bridge. The game will be set in the JJ Abrams rebooted universe, rather than the original.

Up to four people can link up and sit at the command stations and play through a story, and there will be a mission generator so you can head off in to the unknown. The players take on the following roles:

  • Captain  – recieves information to distribute to other players,
  • Engineering – controls power and fuel
  • Tactical- controls sheilds and weapons
  • Helm- controls sensors and navigation

MCV also note that this will be the fourth VR game from Ubisoft, joining Eagle Flight, Werewolves Within, and Trackmania Turb, the latter of which I don’t think had been announced. Star Trek: Bridge Crew it out this Christmas on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, we might see it during Ubisoft’s E3 presentation.

UDPATE: “At first, people might think you’re just pushing buttons and that’s lame,” explains Red Storm’s David Votypka. “However, it’s what the buttons do that makes it cool. You’re on a Federation starship firing torpedoes, raising shields and turning on the red alert. That’s an awesome sensation, especially when you’re playing in VR with friends.”

“It’s up to you if you want to try the Kirk approach or be more methodical,” he adds. “The game is more about how you and your crew approach situations. It’s not binary. Is it more important to save the Vulcan scientists or rescue everyone on the planet? It might be too difficult to do both. It’s just like the show. There’s not any one right answer.”

Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be shown during Ubisofts E3 presentation.

Source: MCV / ABC

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  1. With that updated news it sounds a bit like ST Tactical Assault on PSP where combat and story interaction was founded on command style decisions and strategy. Sounds good, and something I’d be a fanboy enough of to use VR with.

  2. Levar should be used to VR goggles, no? Also, Trackmania in VR, that’s gonna make a lot of people very sick and brain dead! Can’t wait to see that in action.

  3. Can’t wait to see how VR is able to go :-)

  4. Somewhere about now a Trekkie is writing..
    Captain’s Log : Squeee!

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