Batman: Arkham VR, Battlefront X-Wing, Farpoint, Here They Lie And FFXV VR Experience Announced For PSVR

Sony seem to be intent on rolling out big hitters as it has confirmed Batman Arkham VR, Farpoint, and Final Fantasy XV VR Experience all for PlayStation VR. Star Wars Battlefront’s VR Experience also got briefly shown and its title X-Wing mission. Since these were all quick showings not much detail was given, but we do know Batman is being developed by Rocksteady.

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  1. I was thinking earlier how this was probably the most lackluster e3 in a long time. That was until Sony took the stage. So many great games coming our way on the PS4.

  2. That X-Wing VR mission is liable to be the sole reason I need to buy a PSVR.

  3. So glad I’ve preordered VR. WOW

  4. Sir you sicken me,that is all.:)

  5. That X-Wing VR trailer send shivers down my spine, it took me right back to playing X-Wing Alliance with a joystick on a massive CRT as a kid. Incredible stuff!

  6. Looks like PSVR will hold up pretty well against the “big boys”, Farpoint was the most intriguing prospect for me, hopefully it’s not a series of set-pieces.

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