And Now Volume: Coda Has A Pre-E3 Teaser Trailer

As if we didn’t have enough people getting in on this pre-E3 trailer announcement lark, Mike Bithell’s just released an E3 teaser trailer for Volume: Coda, the PlayStation VR exclusive expansion to Volume.

And you know what? Fair play to him, because it looks quite a lot better and more involved than I thought it would. You’re given a view into the holographic heist, taking on the metaphor of a board game, but lets you scale and rotate the board using a controller, as well as leaning in physically and getting a closer look. Apparently, there’s even an optional swooshing sounds, if you want.

Volume: Coda is a free expansion for anyone who owns Volume on PS4, adding 30 new levels that chart the story of a new protagonist.

Source: That Mike Bithell

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