(Updated) Take A Look At Titanfall 2’s Single & Multiplayer Trailers

Titanfall is back and it is all change with a single player campaign, and of course it’s coming to PlayStation this time. The single player trailer is rather good and seems to indicate your mech will be your best buddy during the game. There’s also a nice riff on a certain famous quote from Robocop, and there’s an Avatar-esque vibe to the whole thing.

As usual with these things there’s not actually much gameplay, it’s seems to be mostly cut scenes, but there are some short wall running sections.


The single player campaign will be playable offline, and the game will include six Titans with varying abilities. Their will be a “technical test” before launch – aka a beta – and the game is out on October 28th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


Here’s the multiplayer trailer too.

Source: YouTube

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  1. Undecided.


  2. Protocol 4: Destroy the FPS competition.

  3. Looks utterly awesome. It could be the first FPS to be a day one purchase for a while. Gameplay isn’t much of an issue, if it’s anything like the first game then it will be solid.

  4. Another day 1 purchase more than likely for me. I wonder if I’ll play it for more than a few hours this time.

  5. Day one for me,one of the most played games of my collection when i had an xbox one,great to now get to enjoy the sequel on PS4.

  6. The singleplayer looks promising, will need to see more but i’m interested.

  7. I was a bit underwhelmed, it looked exactly like the first one (not that I got the chance to play that), but the story did sound quite cool, and we know that Respawn/Infinity Ward can make a cracking single player.

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