E3 2016 Trailer Round Up: Bound, HAWKEN, Tacoma, 7 Days To Die, Raiders Of The Broken Planet

Over the last couple of days there has been a lot of news flying out of E3, and we’re expecting a lot more even with conferences being over. Due to the sheer amount of news not everything gets its own post, so below are some of the trailers that were released yesterday. You’ll be able to view gameplay of titles like Fullbright’s Tacoma, The Fun Pimps’ 7 Days To Die, Adhesive Games’ Hawken, Santa Monica Studios’ Bound. and MercurySteam’s Raiders Of The Broken Planet.


Fullbright’s Tacoma sends players to a Lunar Transfer Station where the crew has disappeared, and the AI needs to be recovered. During the journey you’ll need use the various systems dotted around the station to discover the fate of the crew, and how the AI is linked to all of it. Tacoma is expected to release in Spring 2017 for Xbox One and PC.

Bound was announced by Santa Monica Studios in December, and is a puzzle exploration game where the main character moves like a ballet dancer as she explores a world which actually resides in the mind of a woman. This woman is revisiting her childhood here and the story will unfold through exploring this mindscape. A release date for Bound is to be confirmed.

HAWKEN is a game that has been around for a while. It is a  free to play multiplayer mech first person shooter that has been about on PC since 2014. Having played the game before I can say that it is a pretty decent shooter, and now it is coming to both PS4 and Xbox One. It is expected at some point during the summer, but an exact date is yet to be confirmed.

7 Days To Die releases in just a couple of weeks for PS4 and Xbox One, and in it you’ll be able to see just how long you can survive in a zombie infested world. You’ll need to build a shelter, gather supplies, and just improve your situation while contending with the undead coming after you. They can bring down your shelter if it isn’t strong enough to withstand the pressure.

MercurySteam announced Raiders Of The Broken Planet for PC, PS4, and Xbox One a couple of months ago. There’s actually a couple elements to Raiders. First off it will be an episodic game with a single player narrative. On top of that Raiders Of The Broken Planet is an asymmetric online multiplayer game, where you can either team up with other players to fight invaders, or battle against other Raiders with the invaders at your side. There is a sign up for a beta and you can apply here.

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  1. Looking forward to Hawken on console, any word on whether it’s gonna be free?

  2. So many new games and i believe i want to try all of the above too.

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