Tacoma Is Coming To PlayStation 4 In May With A New Commentary Mode

The console exclusivity to Xbox One has come to an end, it seems, as Fullbright have now announced that their second investigative narrative game – or walking sim, if you must – is coming to PlayStation 4 next month. Tacoma will be released on Sony’s console on 8th May.

Also coming on the same day is a Commentary Mode, which will be a free update for all platforms. It lets you play through the game with discussion and explanation from the devs on how it was made with over two hours of audio.


The game takes you into outer space to investigate the disappearance of the crew and the events leading up to it. To do this, you explore 3D recordings and interactions between the crew, putting you right in the middle of the moment and letting you explore concurrent events.

It’s perhaps not entirely successful as a story. Back for the original release, Dave concluded, “Tacoma has some great characterisation and is a very different breed of science fiction, but my enjoyment was sapped by one key mistake in how the story was told. It also has issues with loading and can be somewhat bland to look at, but looking around you, the environmental storytelling is top-notch. By the end, I’d become invested in these characters, but not necessarily their plight.”

Source: EU PS Blog, Twitter

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  1. Very good news, I’ve been waiting for this to turn up for my console since it came out. If it’s only half as good as Gone Home, I’ll put everything on hold to play just that.

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