The Most Boring PlayStation News You Will Read Today

Are you craving excitement and adventure? Do you want to leap from cliffs like Nathan Drake, or slay ogres like Kratos? Do you yearn to slip on some Lara Craft style hotpants and beat up bad guys? Bad luck, this post is about as exciting a wet flannel.

And not even a nice flannel from Marks and Spencers, we’re talking a damp bit of cloth from BHS which we picked up for 70% less than the asking price in their closing down sale.


Astounding and groundbreaking news has reached us, the PlayStation Network will be offline for a whole two hours – yes, count ’em, two – on Thursday morning, from 6.30am. As per usual if you have logged in recently you will still be able to game online, and it’s only things like the store or account registration that will be unavailable.

If that isn’t exciting enough, we have even bigger news. HUGE news. I suggest you sit down and have a stiff drink on standby. Brace yourselves… ready?

Firmware 3.55 is out on PlayStation 4 and it improves the stability of some applications! Woohooo!!! Party! Party! Party!!!!


Source: Sony

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  1. Woah…I’m def taking the day off work for this…thanks for the HUGE news!

  2. That 3.55 firmware update isn’t for stability, for a change. It says it improves system performance.

    So presumably there’ll be a 3.56 update next week because it’s performing too well and becomes unstable as a result.

  3. Hopefully the system update may sort my Playstation out before I grab a screwdriver and open it up. Last night I noticed it seemed to have the ‘eject bug’ which I’d never heard of.
    My PS4 randomly turned itself on & ejected a game disc then just kept trying to eject imaginary discs & wouldn’t let me insert one either. As it was late, I just turned it off & thought I’d deal with it later today after work.

    • That sounds more like a mild haunting than a bug. The PS4 manual does specifically say to leave space around it, not cover vents, not place it in the vicinity of ancient burial grounds, all the usual stuff.

      • Well it did freak me out for a second. – My first thought was I had a poltergeist.

    • I would hazard a guess that the eject button is stuck?

      • Probably due to “sticky ghost juice”.

      • Apparently it’s either system related, or more likely a screw which needs tightening which you can get to by removing the glossy plastic cover. The drive thinks its the disc and tries to eject it (or something along those lines). The eject button is touch sensitive so I doubt its stuck – weird thing is, I’ve had the same disc in their and haven’t touched the eject button for god knows how long as the last few games I’ve bought have all been via PSN. In fact it was the GTAV disc what came out & I can’t remember the last time I played it.

      • *there, not their. I hate it when people get them mixed up, then I do it myself. Purely accidental – brain not in gear mode, although if it was in gear mode it would probably be worse. ;)

    • I don’t know if you’ve managed to fix it, but it the same thing happened to mine. I fixed it with the screw method you mentioned. It was pretty straight forward and I’m not very hands on at all! ?

  4. STAAAABIIIIILIIIIITYYYYYYY!!! I can barely keep my nads from overheating, wow, they’re so toasty and glowy, like the stones from Temple of Doom except in my pants!

  5. News that is not news?

    • It’s sort of news. Just really, really dull news.

  6. In other non-news, I had a lovely dump before work this morning at 6am.

    • At least that had you on the edge of your seat.. ;)

      • Ha ha! Good job it wasn’t a tough straining seat-biter ;p

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