Shovel Knight Vita Physical Version Is Now Available To Pre-Order

Yacht Club Games has announced that pre-orders are now live for the physical version of Shovel Knight on Vita, with Fangamer the outlet that will be selling this version for $24.99. The orders are expected to ship in October. Alongside this announcement the developers also announced a new campaign which will star Specter Knight, as well as one starring King Knight. However there is no release date confirmed for these campaigns, though they will be free just like the Plague Knight campaign.

Yacht Club also revealed it was working on two other modes, Body Swap and Battle Mode. Battle Mode is a multiplayer mode on a single screen where players will face off against each other. Battle Mode is not planned for the handheld versions of Shovel Knight at the moment. New feats and challenges will be released alongside the new campaigns.

Source: Yacht Club Games

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