F1 2016 Multiplayer Will Support 22 Players, Formations Laps And Manual Starts

Codemasters have announced a number of new features for their latest attempt at the Formula 1 license, F1 2016. Coming out on August 19th for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC, the big bullet point for the back of the box is that online racing will support up to 22 racers at once, marking the first time that the series has managed to allow for a full grid of players all at once.

Alongside previously announced features like the Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car, F1 2016 also introduces formation laps and manual starts, replete with clutch control and rev balancing as you wait for the lights to go out. At long last, there’s also manual control over pit lane entry, needing you to brake at the right time to meet the speed limit, lest you face a 5 second penalty for speeding in the pit lane.

Of course, the big question is, after F1 2015’s frankly abysmal net code, whether or not Codemasters have been able to fix this at the same time as adding more players into the mix…

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  1. This is brilliant. I swear half the fun in a race is just modulating the clutch and throttle at the start to find the right balance and then execute it to bring off a brilliant launch. Always love it in Forza, and it creates a lot of unpredictability.

    Formation lap is great too, and the manual pit control. No more speeding into the pitlane at Montreal or Monza, and it’ll make safety car moments very exciting.

    Just heard they’re going through a second closed beta phase as well, so plenty more testing to be done by the community, and the feedback seems to be working a treat. I personally can’t wait to give a second test over the weekend.

    • How did you get into the beta? I definitely want to try before I buy, just to see if it’s a big enough step forward for me from the old games.

      • There was a small and quick application process a while back on their website. 300 people got chosen (100 each platform). The application is closed now. I tested it back in May, and now they’ve updated the package for a second beta test. It was a handling beta, so they needed as much feedback as possible.

        They may do a demo closer to release seeing as they’ve paced themselves better and seem to be doing plenty of builds between E3 demonstrations and betas. There are E3 videos of the game flying about too. Just a shame people have made early judgements about sound/graphics from an youtube video.

    • Agree on manual starts, that will be aswesome. I hope it’s all linked into tyre/track/clutch temperature, so it’s not the same every time.

  2. I’m liking everything I’ve heard so far about this game. Not long to wait now.

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