Community Chronicle: 10/07/16

As Gazza said yesterday, it’s a mad weekend of sport. The British Grand Prix is starting right around… now, Andy Murray faces off against Milos Raonic at Wimbledon in an hour, and this evening sees Germany France playing Portugal for the UEFA 2016 title…

Or you might spend your time playing games instead.


No Man’s Sky went gold this week! It’s been a long, long, long time coming, but the small team at Hello Games are finally there.

TSBonyman said, “Well done to all at Hello Games. I’m looking forward to exploring the universe they’ve created and possibly making it home in time for tea… in the year 2525… or possibly even well after bedtime if they add VR.”

It’s not been the smoothest of journeys at time, as Jag wrote, “It’s a small touch but I like how they shared the news with a photo of the team so you can see how genuinely happy they are to have reached the finish line. Hopefully the death threats will stop now. It still baffles me that anyone who’s seen Sean Murray would send him anything like that, he’s like the nicest guy!”

Evolve had a difficult launch and a difficult first year, but 2K and Turtle Beach are trying something audacious to keep the game relevant, making it completely and utterly free, first on PC and later on console.

Dazbobaby said, “with a high of 171 and a low of 46 players in the past month, this game is already dead. FTP probably won’t save it.” That said, it’s quickly hit new highs of 35,000.

It’s a case of the industry as a whole learning from this lesson in Youles‘ eyes:

Not that it’s nice to see anything fail, particularly a new IP, but I’m almost glad that someone has shot themselves in the foot with this DLC model. DLC started off as adding additional bits, and now it’s been reduced to pre-order incentives, cosmetic items, game modes, and content that looks like it’s been deliberately cut from the original game – especially if it’s ridiculously expensive day one DLC!

Bunimomike replied, “Someone has to make that first mistake. That cataclysmic mistake that the industry learns from. Sadly, for Turtle Rock [and 2K], it was their mistake.”

But for Nate, he simply didn’t get on well with the game. “As much as I wanted to love Evolve,” he said, “it just wasn’t particularly fun. Hunting the monster all too often devolved into chasing after a marker in the distance and ignoring everything else around you. The combat was hard to explain but something just felt off, and even dull at times. It was never as exciting as you wanted it to be.”

It’s an excellent symbol of inclusivity, as Microsoft are adding wheelchairs as an option for your Xbox Avatars in response to some user feedback. The perfect opportunity for some awful puns.

“Nice to see this…rolled out,” bunimomike said, as Kennykazey replied, “This is a wheely good gesture from Microsoft.”


We’ll start off with Crazy_Del, who’s been playing Guacamelee for the last week and has grabbed the platinum trophy, with plans to get through Saints Row: Gat out of Hell this weekend.

Having bought it for four quid in the PS Store sale, Tony Cawley finished off and thoroughly enjoyed the Battlefield Hardline campaign – one of the few to do so – while dabbling with Pokémon Go and returning to Destiny’s Iron Banner event this week.

Avenger has torn himself away from Halo 5’s Warzone Firefight mode long enough to finish another run through XCOM, and is running into Red Dead Redemption and The Wolf Among Us.

Finally, for a fairly subdued week, DividSmythe nabbed the platinum for Hitman Go Definitive Edition.

The trophy leaderboards are on a hiatus at the moment, so after a rather brief Chronicle, all that’s left to do is bid you farewell for another week.

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  1. Glad Germany made it to the final was worried they’d been knocked out.Looking forward to the Lendl and Mcneroe final too.

  2. Uhm…. it’s France vs Portugal not Germany. France beat Germany 2-0 in the semis

  3. Thank god Germany were kicked out, I wouldn’t have coped with them winning another title, as much as they always brag about things like that…

  4. Did you see that ludicrious display last night? What were they thinking sending him on? I mean, how could he miss the thing he was supposed to put the thing in?

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