Evolve’s Player Count Up from 157 to 35,000 in Two Days

If you remember Evolve, you’d know it wasn’t a particularly successful game and not because it was bad, but because it was expensive. At an ambitious launch price partnered with expensive downloadable content, the game fell upon hard times with the player count dropping to a pathetic 157 players daily.Two days after it was announced that Evolve would become free-to-play the player count has skyrocketed beyond the 35,000 mark and is continuing to rise.

Evolve’s experience has the potential to get better considering the game is now back in beta as the team puzzle out how to make the game work as free to play . For the most part, Evolve isn’t actually a bad game as such – it is fun, especially in private games with friends.


If you’re interested in targeting monsters, or being the target then Evolve Stage 2 is currently available on Steam for free, and will be coming to consoles at a later date.

Source: VG247

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  1. I guess the real test will be how long they can sustain this for…

  2. Gotta be worth a punt at the great price of free.

    I wonder how many cheaters this will attract on the PC though.

  3. If I’m supposed to feel sorry for them…well I don’t. They launched a half ass game and slapped DLC on it. And gamers did not flock like they always do but rather had the common sense to reject this. I feel sorry for the developers l,for the creative team but the publisher brought this upon themselves. Maybe it should be a lesson. In a world where the Witcher gets full on expansions and not some skin DLC, in a world where Blizzard ( a company with a reputation so stellar that perhaps Rockstar is the only one next to them) launches a $40 mutilplayer only game with no DLC and promises to come up constantly with content….in a world like that Evolve is of almost no worth. Hence… Free to play.

    • Overwatch is barely any different to this. Its full price on console and has even less content and has launched with microtransactions, allowing you to buy a loot box where you have a tiny chance of getting the unlock you want. Imo it’s even worse than Evolve.

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