Face The Danger In The Latest WRC 6 Trailer

It’s going to be a very busy end of the year, with countless big games releasing in quick succession. For rally fans, though, WRC 6 might just be able to squeeze its way into your purchasing plans. Though there’s still no solid release date, it’s been narrowed down to the month of October and there’s a new trailer.


Kylotonn’s WRC 6 is the official game of the 2016 FIA World Rally Championship, and this year’s game will feature 14 events – including the first Rally China – alongside all the main WRC drivers and team, and a wide range of WRC 2 and Junior WRC drivers.

Building on last year’s game and community feedback, stages will be longer, roads narrower, and there’s the new head-to-head Super Special Stages as well. Apparently there’s a few more surprises still to be revealed between now and release.

Source: press release

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  1. Something about the heavily smudgy video processing and the absurdly epic music and the fast cutting puts me off. It’s like a trailer doing everything possible to distract from the content itself. And what we can see of the content doesn’t look tremendously impressive for the 8th generation.

  2. I enjoyed the last game and I’m pleased the stages are going to be longer but with PSVR, GT Sport, Watchdog 2 plus others out around the same time this will have to wait until I’ve got time to play it.

  3. Does this not actually contain all the locations of the WRC season?

    I think I’d take Dirt Rally, that has the Polo R anyway and it gets rave reviews.

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