It’s All Gone Pete Tong As GTAV Hosts A Pride Parade

An unofficial add-on for Grand Theft Auto V has added a Pride parade to the city, complete with rainbow flags and Pete Tong. The mod, Los Santos Pride, as been created with the support of  Stockholm Pride, which is the largest Pride festival in Scandinavia.

“Los Santos Pride is a pro-bono project with no financial incentive or other benefits for anyone involved,” explains Sedir Ajeenah, who works for the ad agency supporting Stockholm Pride.

Following the recent shootings in Orlando they have taken the sensible decision to only allowed non violent interaction with the parade. You can jump on one of the floats and join in the dancing, but not blow up the float with a rocket launcher.

The mod is available for PC, for free, here.

Source: Dailydot 

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. It’s obviously quite sensible that you can’t run around blowing shit up, although can you mod mods to allow it?

    But read the comments on that video (but you’re probably best not to) and you’ll probably want to cause some sort of horrible violence to some of those cockwombles. There’s an idiotic conspiracy theory about Orlando in there, FFS!

    • Never, ever, read YouTube comments. Ever.

      • Sometimes you have to. Just in case you start to forget that about 83% of people are massive spunktrumpets.

        12 seconds on YouTube soon puts paid to any thoughts that people are all lovely and fluffy.

        Obviously, you should never spend more than 12 seconds. It leads to a fist through the screen, or a screen through a window, or something else expensive.

    • you have such a way with words, cockwombles and spunktrumpets.
      gotta remember those, the best i could come up with was shitstain.

      • I didn’t invent them. Just heard both used several times (cockwomble is more common) and liked them.

        Although if you Google the word “quimgobbler”, there’s only 6 results, and one of them is me. (Oddly enough, from this very website when someone called Mr Cub something rude)

  2. Which, according to the Daily Mail will cause kids to turn gay and cause cancer.

    Ew. That makes me feel rather dirty and wrong inside. I mean, why did i think this was a good joke? Nothing about the mail makes for a good joke beyond their usual tripe that is oddly seldom amusing to read.

    I kinda have no opinion on it but just wanted to make that joke. Although, GTA? Erm… ok but GTA? Of all the games to choose, GTA? I’m just surprised they would use GTA.

    • well, there’s the popularity of the game, and the fact it’s always been something of a commentary on society, American society specifically.

      so it’s not surprising they’d use GTA.

      i know modding Minecraft would probably be easier, but i doubt it would have the same impact.

      • Good point but still, GTA? Just baffles me that of all the games to choose, GTA?

        What’s next? Gollum appearing on MTV and insulting Dobby? Wait, that happened, It was funny and i just wanted an excuse to mention that this happened. :D

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