Pokémon Go Finally Released In The UK

After over a week of waiting since the global roll out started, Pokémon Go has finally been officially released in the UK for both Android and iOS. So there’s no more need to skirt around regional app store restrictions or download and install .apk files to get your pocket monster fix.


The game has seen a meteoric rise in popularity since it started to roll out last Wednesday, but server load issues and bug fixes saw developers Niantic halt the roll out in order to try and provide a better and more consistent service.

So finally, we can all go and see what the fuss is about.

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  1. What?? There’s a Pokemon game? For free? On phones?? Why was I not informed of this before?

    Oh, wait. I was. But I’m 44. So that probably explains how much I don’t care.

    And yes, I know it goes against the unwritten rules of the internet to come along and say how much you don’t care about something, but rules are there to be broken sometimes. Especially when you see the 407th article about it in a day and it’s not even lunchtime yet.

    • Same here. A bit sick and tired of it but thankfully my News Feeds have a flickering of normality to them as well. Wait… Boris Johnson is Foreign Secretary?!

      We’re DOOMED!

    • If only there was an app where you could walk around real world locations removing all evidence of pokemon. That’d be fun ;)

      • I think I’m doing to start kidnapping people who play the game. Writing an App for it right now.

        ‘Pokemon GO!… AWAY’.

      • Perfect! :)

      • Do you think you could add ‘THE [email protected]%K’ in between GO! and AWAY? Under the circumstances, I think it would be more appropriate ;)

    • Me neither. I just hope I run a couple of the blasted things over when I bike home from work later. I guess I’ll know if I see some kids staring through their phones in my general direction in tears. I say kids, but I’ve seen a ton of fully grown adults playing it too.

  2. Now we can all stop talking about it and start playing it.

  3. I’ve walked over 40km since Saturday…

    It’s my childhood. Game is great.

  4. I think this game is a brilliant idea. I will download it to see how it works but can’t see me playing it properly.


  6. Some right miserable gits in here!

    • Yep :(

    • It’s a british site! Being miserable is our national sport.

  7. Well, I caught a Pokemon at work in the car park, one in my driveway and one in Sainsburys car park. My car seems to be the magic ingredient so I’m gonna see how many I can run over on the M3 tomorrow morning.

    • I’ve heard that Tesco stores are are offering special bogoffs for Pokemon Hunters that visit their stores. No it’s not the usual and enticing buy one get one free…..it’s a plain and simple ‘bog off’ :P

  8. They have gone nuts over this game here in Oz. Its like a epidemic just without the disease……or is it.

  9. Downloaded it last night to see the fuss. Phone battery on 100%. Couldnt get a GPS signal so app didn’t work. Phone alarm clock didn’t go off this morning so overslept for work as battery fully drained. App uninstalled. That was fun!

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