The Iron Gjallarwing Is A Brilliantly Awful Pre-Order Bonus For Destiny: Rise Of Iron

The Gjallarhorn took on a near mythical status for many during the first year of Destiny. It was by far and away the most powerful weapon in the game, completely skewing and breaking the balance of the game’s boss encounters – Hard Mode Crota deserved it, though – and the envy of anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to have one drop from an engram.

Bungie drastically scaled back its importance in the second year, to the point of obsolescence, but Rise of Iron sees its return, and it’s being ridden for all its worth in the run up to the September 20th release. The Iron Gjallarhorn is a pre-order bonus, enticing people to skip past the painful RNG entirely, and now there’s the Iron Gjallarwing Sparrow, which is brilliant and awful at the same time.


It’s way over the top in its decadent design and the name is terrible, but it’s bound to be like catnip to the many millions still playing Destiny or thinking of returning, when the Iron Gjallarhorn was probably enough to get people to buy early.

Still, I guess you can’t blame Bungie and Activision when something this simple is going to make money magically appear in their bank accounts…

Source: press release

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