World War Toons Open Beta Begins On October 13th For PSVR

Reload Studios has announced that its first person shooter will be entering open beta on PSVR when the headset launches on October 13th. The game will be free to play and available on PS4 without the need for VR, but Reload has stated that World War Toons has been made with the headset in mind. There are various classes to choose from like the sniper or an officer. Players will also be able to turn into tanks too.


A new map called Pyramid Scheme has also been revealed which has environmental hazards like lava pits, swinging blades, and lasers. This map is a type of capture the flag arena where teams battle to catch Ra Chicken in a best out of three matches.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. I hate to be a stick in the mud, but this game has the most politically incorrect title I’ve ever seen a game have. Apart from tardiness, sparkling mineral water and Katie Hopkins there isn’t much I object to but this pun has made the list. Just rename it Cartoons of Duty please.

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