Pre-order Rise of the Tomb Raider On PS4, Get TR:DE Free

On October 11th, Rise of the Tomb Raider will make its long-awaited PlayStation 4 debut following the game’s exclusivity windows on Xbox One. With millions of gamers yet to sample Lara’s latest adventure (which is brilliant by the way), Square Enix is really leaning into the series’ 20th anniversary celebrations.

Aside from an exclusive, VR-enabled chapter in Lara’s story, PlayStation fans have also been treated to a nice little pre-order bonus. Anyone who slaps down £45 now via the PlayStation Store can grab a copy of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition at no additional cost.

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  1. Does this only apply to digital purchase or retail as well?

    Looking forward to this thoughly enjoyed the first. With all the additional bits and bobs s-enix are throwing in “almost” certainly makes up for the xbone timed exclusive screw over….almost

  2. i would have been more inclined to buy at launch last year, but now, not so much.

  3. That’s pretty good. The original is going for around £13 online so unless the preorder price of Rise comes down to under £32 it’s the best deal out there. And checking Amazon it’s currently £45 by itself.

    I’d still prefer a physical version over digital but this could well tempt me. Then again, I still haven’t played Uncharted 4 yet or started Fallout 4. God damn my backlog.

  4. I’m pretty sure everyone picked up TR when psn had that sale.

  5. Wait a few weeks and you’ll be able to pick this up for £20-30.

    • Your negativity over this game is getting pretty silly now.

      • Lol but he’s right though, it’s a year old game, not that great compared to the first one. It should be £24.99 maximum instead of handing out TR for free

      • I don’t think I’ve been overly negative about it to be fair. I do hope the exclusivity deal bites them in the ass but I’ve never said the game was awful. I thought it was decent but not as good as the reboot. If I thought it was a Masterpiece I’d say it was a masterpiece. My beef has always been with the exclusivity deal not the game.

        I do think the price will fall pretty quickly regardless. I remember the reboot being £20 not long after release. Plus, it’s a year old game. Why pay full price on release day when you can wait a few weeks and get it in the sale. You’ve already waited 12 months, what’s a few more weeks? It’s not like we’re short of games to play anymore.

      • It’s new to playstation, has the £20 season pass content, new content and is still a great game. No way it should be £25. £45 is a very good price.

      • You would say £45 cause you paid that much when it was exclusive. Don’t matter about the DLC. The price is not worth it, you can’t justify £45 price tag on a game they optionally chose to make exclusive fit a year then try to get that price tag on PS now that the deal is done.

      • That’s not even remotely true, JTN. Anyone can justify the price of it as it’s about what they can afford and how much entertainment they get out of the game. This game (and potentially the reboot) will be new to them.

        Just because you didn’t think the newer game was up to much (compared to the reboot) means nothing. Both the reboot and “Rise of…” sit at 86 on Metacritic. A relatively decent sign that this one is every bit as good as the reboot.

        Sure, some people will have played the reboot and not the new one but they can either pay more now or simply wait a bit.

        You saying it’s not justifiable shows how subjective you’re being.

  6. TR reboot was a great game so it’ll be a nice bonus for those Tomb Raider fans who didn’t pick it up last gen, or play it when it was free on plus, or play the remaster this gen when it was a tenner.

  7. That’s actually a decent price for all you’re getting.

  8. If you pre order the new tomb raider and get the old one for free, once you’ve played through that you’ll be all tombed out and won’t enjoy the new one nearly as much, since gameplay-wise they’re pretty much identical.
    I’d say this is too much tomb raiding in one go.

    • You could say that about the uncharted collection, or the halo collection too. Nothing bad with getting lots for your money.

      • Gameplay was the same but both of those franchises had interesting, well written narratives.

      • LOL Just messin with you Starman.

        Halo was garbage.

      • “Halo was garbage”

        Now the award of ‘comment that’s a complete and utter catastrophe’ falls to another…

    • Same could be said for any game collection boxset to be fair.

    • Kind of agree, it is a lot all in one go, but to be honest most people will have played the original by now. Plus at a digital price, I’m not sure there’s much reason to get it anyway. Just buy a physical copy for full price, or wait a few months for a slightly reduced price.

  9. Love a bit of Tomb Raider and will deffo get this when it comes out. But I never pre-order anything. Hopefully it’ll still have the original reboot included as an extra little bonus. Played through that on PS3, but not the beefed up PS4 version.

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