The Xbox Summer Update Now Available, Xbox App Available On iOS And Android

Microsoft has announced that the Summer update for Xbox is now rolling out, and it brings with it background music, the Xbox app for iOS & Android, Cortana for Xbox One, and language region independence. Background music is handled through supported apps like Pandora with others to come on board soon, such as Groove Music and iHeartRadio.

Cortana is available for Xbox One users in the US and UK, which allows for more accuracy with voice commands. Using Cortana you can find games, turn the console on or off and create parties. Other commands and updates will improve the scope of what Cortana can do on the Xbox One, and it is envisioned as becoming an assistant for gaming. The Game Collection screen has been improved too so they can be sorted in a variety of ways, with updates appearing under a new tab.


Language region independence means that the console will let you keep your selected language regardless of your location in the world. The Xbox and Windows store are also being merged more, with the option of filtering by genre and being able to read user reviews on Xbox One. New channels have also been added to help find items that cater to a persons tastes. On the Windows Store Xbox tokens can be redeemed, as can subscriptions, games, and DLC. Options to pre-order and pre-purchase will be available to if a developer allows it for their title.

Facebook friend finder is present too so you can find friends through that service who have Xbox accounts. Sharing has been streamlined so it can be done straight from the Home screen, and settings for the Activity Feed now allow you to choose what gets shared. Windows 10 PC games will get their own hubs on Xbox Live. Through the Xbox app you can see watch clips shared by friends of their PC gaming exploits, and message them too. Party chat can be done to between Xbox One and Windows 10 through the app.

On Windows 10 a High Quality option  be available through the Game Bar to allow for recording of 60fps clips. This will be available from August 2nd. The Game Bar’s full screen support has been improved too with support rolling out for League of Legends, World of Warcraft, DOTA 2, Battlefield 4, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, and Diablo III on August 2nd.


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  1. Language region independence is such a standard feature I’ve missed since launch. Thank god it’s finally in.

    Goodbye half-arsed Norwegian translations. Hello English!

  2. It’s a good update, mainly for the accessibility improvements and the Game Hub UI overhaul. Will give Cortona a try, see if it’s good.

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