Latest Pokémon Sun & Moon Trailer Reveals Alola Forms, Z-Moves And New Pokémon

The steady drip feed of new details for Pokémon Sun and Moon continues, with the latest trailer bringing a bunch of new Pokémon, alongside new Alola forms for existing monsters and Z-Moves.


Exeggutor, for example, gets a bit giraffe-like in its Alola form, Vulpic and Ninetails turn from fire to ice, and so on. Then there’s the new Pokémon, with Oricorio taking inspiration from Darwin’s finches on the Galápagos Islands, albeit with Oricorio’s island specific forms rather more drastically different than just having different shaped beaks.


The new Pokémon that’s got everyone talking is Gumshoos, which was probably meant to look like an old noir detective, but came out looking quite a bit more like a certain candidate for US President. No, not Hillary…


Z-Moves are new, super powerful abilities that can be used once per battle, with one move for every type, such as INferno Overdrive for fire and Hydro Vortex for water. Your trainer does a cute little dance to summon the abilities.

Source: YouTube


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