Absolute Drift: Zen Edition Delayed For PS4 In North America

Today saw the launch of drifting title Absolute Drift: Zen Edition on Steam and the European PSN store, but the game has not made it to the North American store. The reason given is that there has been a technical issue with the build in Sony’s hands to get it through certification. However this will take a couple of weeks to resolve so if you are in the region wanting the game on PS4 you’ll have to wait.


Absolute Drift: Zen Edition is priced at £9.49 on the EU PS Store.

Source: Flippfly

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  1. Picked this up today, hopefully find time to play it this eve. Wonder what the issue is?

  2. It looks very addictive, I could see myself spending hours and hours trying to get the drifts just right. But it’s NMS, F1 & Assetto Corsa that’s going to keep me busy for the next few months or so.

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