Community Chronicle: 21/08/16

The Olympics wrap up in Rio later tonight with the closing ceremony, as Team GB look set to finish a record second in the standings. I’ll be sad to see it end, although I’m definitely looking forward to going to bed at a sensible time again!

Anyway, let’s have a look at what we’ve been chatting about this week then!


We kicked off the week by learning what we could expect from PS4 Firmware 4.0.

The headline feature of Sony’s update is that you will soon be able to organise your games and apps into folders in your library, plus some other changes.

Unsurprisingly, keen trophy hunter Crazy_Del said that the “option to reveal hidden trophies is most welcome”, while TSBonyman noted “the overall UI and Library changes sound good too, decent update.”

Meanwhile, Coxy1701 chimed in “Folders , quick menu shortened, revamped UI, what’s not to like. I wouldn’t mind more updates for the media player. External storage support, custom backgrounds but that’s it for me anything else is a win win.”

Well, what’s next on your list of firmware desires? As dave87fez puts it, “what can we moan about next?”

After hearing that Driveclub VR was officially confirmed earlier this week, Playstation Access got, well, access to the game. With PlayStation VR and a steering wheel, the experience looks awesome.

The chap in the video playing the game was certainly enjoying it, with Tuffcub saying “Listen to the chap. Listen to how excited he is. If there was anything dodgy he would not sound like that. Look at his silly grin. LOOK AT IT.”

Meanwhile, Tonyyeb bellowed “This looks truly UNBELIEVABLE! I WANT THIS! Looks so instinctive. PS VR might just be a must have for any PS racer.” That last sentiment was echoed by other racing fans, such as camdaz, who added “All we need now is F1 2016 VR”, while double-o-dave asks “I don’t suppose there’s any rumours of a VR version of Wipeout is there?”

Although we’re not 100% sure if this will be a launch title, with the introduction of PS VR a little under two months away, what other launch titles will persuade you to join in?


Turning our attention to the achievements now, a lot of you have been spending hours exploring No Man’s Sky. R1MJAW got the platinum in “the early hours of Wednesday morning”, which might also be the fastest for TSA’s leaderboard, if those make a return.

Elsewhere, Crazy_Del grabbed his 290th Platinum, this time it was Metro 2033 Last Light Redux and da_siz finished the “quite fun” Saints Row Gat Out of Hell.

The trophy leaderboards are on a hiatus at the moment, so after our brief Chronicle, all that’s left to do is bid you farewell for another week.



  1. I’m testing the firmware 4 beta and all i can say is look forward to a very slick overhaul of the UI folks. It’s 70% awesome, 20 % “oh cool, you can do that now too” and 10% ” Hmm, i’m not sure if i like how they changed that bit”

    • Nice, that’s good to know! That 10% always seems to happen, like when they moved the store icon or added Singstar on the PS3. I have this theory that they deliberately arse something up in order to get people moaning and bump up the number of new article and forum results on Google. It’s the dystopian extension of the phrase ‘No such thing as bad press.’, but it’s very silly and someone deserves a slap over it!

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