Driveclub VR Offscreen Gameplay Footage Released, Appears To Be Awesome

Just a day or so ago I decided to go and buy my husband a steering wheel and pedal set as he likes Driveclub so much, but after seeing this video I think I may just keep it for myself and wait until my PSVR arrives.

Anyways, PlayStation Access got their hands, and indeed eyes, on Driveclub VR and paired with a steering wheel it seems like it’s pretty damn good.

Source: YouTube

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  1. That’s a great bit of PR, it’s got me very excited, what a reaction!

  2. Awesome! Think I may opt for the PS VR instead of a new 4k TV.

  3. There’s something a bit off there. There appears to be quite a big lag between his head moving and the display moving. But it’s not consistent. Looks like it starts off ok-ish, gets a lot worse in the middle of the race, and then sorts itself out at the end.

    I thought it might just be the video of him playing it might not be quite in sync with the actual gameplay, which would be fair enough. But that wouldn’t explain the worrying changes.

    So again, I’m not convinced you’re getting more than £350 worth of stupid hat.

  4. That’s the experience I was hoping to get from the PSVR, great.

    All we need now is F1 2016 VR

  5. I’ve got the reason not to cancel my PSVR preorder now. Although I would like to know how much DC VR is going to cost to all that own the digital version, also a there has to be a way to make it cheap for physical owners too. I’m a bit skint at the minute because my boiler has broke but I guess I’m kind of lucky because of summer and a few weeks away to release of PSVR I feel the overtime at work looming.

  6. On the topic of racing wheels, anybody know a good one for PS4 which has 3 pedals?

    Would be great both with VR and without.

    I’ve definitely decided I want VR in the last few days. Tried to preorder it in my local Gamestop today only to be told that the first batch has already been (pre)sold out. Will have to go to the city to preorder instead.

  7. This looks truly UNBELIEVABLE! I WANT THIS! Looks so instinctive. PS VR might just be a must have for any PS racer.

  8. That might be the only PSVR promo video Sony have to release his enthusiasm is so infectious!

  9. I’ve gone from no interest in PS VR to hovering over the pre-order button in the last couple of weeks – Just wish there was somewhere near where I could demo it. This is definitely helping to sell it to me.

  10. Looks good. I’ll wait for PSVR to drop considerably in cost first though. Don’t play enough to justify the price atm.

    This will really highlight issues in handling models though as that DriveClub video was just rammed with understeery awfulness.

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