Prison Architect Hits Version 2.0, Introversion Ending Active Development

Introversion Software have just released the version 2.0 patch for their prison building and management game, Prison Architect. As they reach this milestone, they’ve also announced that this will be the last major update to the game, marking an end to the monthly update cycle that they’ve maintained since the game first went into paid alpha at the end of 2012.

However, with over 2 million people now having played the game, there’s still more Prison Architect in the works. A tablet version of the game is in development and the console release from a few months ago may see one or two patches, but aside from bug fixes, Prison Architect for PC won’t see any further updates.


So, what’s in 2.0? Well, I’m glad you asked, and what better way to tell you than to embed a video from the lovely chaps at Introversion and copy and paste in the patch notes:

Developer Tools and Cheats 
Developer tools and cheats, seen in some of the alpha videos, are now available to everyone.
A new option is shown when creating a new map, “Enable Cheats”. This is prison specific and cannot be disabled later.

When enabled:
– All construction occurs immediately
– A new ‘Spawn’ toolbar button permits instant creation of any game object for zero cost
– Water can be placed like any other material
– Research in the bureaucracy screen can be sped up by holding down the right mouse button on the item

The Function keys now perform debug services:
F1 Edit world properties (Very easy to crash/ruin the game)
F2 Profiler
F3 Script Debugger
F4 Dialog Editor
F5 Sound Editor
F6 Sprite Bank Editor for Needs icons
F7 Sprite Bank Editor for User Interface icons
F8 Sprite Bank Editor for Game Sprites
F9 Debug rendering options
F11 Enlarge Map in All Directions

– Cheat prisons do not allow achievement unlocks
– Cheat prisons cannot be sold for profit.

Policy Window (continued)
You can now set which misbehaviours warrant an increase or decrease in prisoner security.
For example, murder can be set to immediately make a prisoner Max-Sec.

You can now disable the cell quality checks that determine which cells a prisoner can be assigned to.
When enabled, prisoners who misbehave will not be assigned to a nice cell, even if that nice cell is the only one available.
When disabled, prisoners will always be assigned to free cells if that is all that is available.

Modding System (continued)
– Added World.NumPrisoners and World.Capacity. These return tables containing the current number of prisoners
and the total number of cells in each security rating respectively.
– Added ability to use markers in object tooltip strings (via objectTable.Tooltip). See lua_function_list.txt

– Localisations: All languages updated.

Source: press release, Steam

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