Community Chronicle: 28/08/16

It looks like there’s a cracking race just getting under way at Spa-Francorchamps in the Belgian Grand Prix. Hamilton’s at the back of the grid, the Red Bulls and Ferrari were both really quite close to Rosberg at the front, and this is a track that’s usually pretty good for overtaking and keeping things a little bit mixed up, anyway.

So fingers crossed it doesn’t turn into a bit of a snooze after 5 laps and we have excitement all the way to the end.

On a different note, this will actually be the last Community Chronicle, if things go to plan. We’re long overdue shaking things up on the weekend, and starting in September, we’re going to bring the Chronicle and the Round-Up together into a single featured article.


Sony’s been gearing up for their PlayStation Meeting on 7th September for quite a while, it seems, and there’s a little bit more to it than just revealing the PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’. In fact, that console will come alongside a PlayStation 4 Slim, which leaked out quite comprehensively at the start of the week, as quite a few people in the northern parts of England got their hands on consoles really very early.

Early on, people doubted the photos veracity but it was latr confirmed in the flesh by Eurogamer that the Slim is real. JustTaylorNow wasn’t one of them, saying, “Wow. I thought the PS4 couldn’t get slimmer but that’s pretty cool, it’s as small as my car engine!”

TSBonyman wondered, “It’s difficult to tell from the pics how much of a size reduction it is but it looks quite sleek. I wonder how the Neo will compare in size?”

KillFelix was on hand with the answer:

I ran the images through Photoshop. Using the ruler tool I measured the difference between the PS4 Orig and the slim in order to calculate the size of the slim.

I estimate the dimensions to be 260 x 40 x 260mm vs PS4 orig which is 275 × 53 × 305mm (width × height × length). That would make it 40% smaller by volume.

And with an updated controller featuring a lightbar built into the touchpad, Lyts1985 said, “I might be tempted by the updated controller – I quite like the light bar and the way it changes in some games to suit the situation. Killzone used it really well, for example.”

On the other hand, colmshan1990 wrote, “Some games use it well. Others don’t and it just turns into a distraction,” And DividSmythe said, ” I’d prefer a bigger battery in the DS4, mainly.”

Sticking with Sony, they made a good step forward with the addition of Two Factor Authentication to PSN, adding an optional second layer of security that’ll send you a code via text message when logging in.

It’s not a perfect system though, Camdaz wrote:

The more secure the better. But there was an article on the TV programme a week or two ago showing that the sending of codes by text message isn’t that secure. It showed how you can hijack the phone number to get the texts sent to any phone you like and there’s no security in the text message system, it’s the same as it was when first setup over forty years ago when security wasn’t an issue.

On the subject of using SMS versus an app, Bunimomike said, ” It’s an additive situation not a replacement. Also, it makes sense that Sony might save themselves a lot more trouble with the number of people who’ll embrace SMS compared to the reduced numbers of someone downloading an App. That’s not native to someone’s mobile so won’t be as popular.”

And MrYD pointed toward the general fallibility of humans, saying, “It’s easy to forget they exist. You’ll have logged into everything, got all the authentication codes, and then forget it’s there. And then you change your mobile number for whatever reason, and one slips through because you’ve got 4000 logins and half of them have some form of 2-factor system in place. Then 6 months later, you suddenly need to login and realise you didn’t change the mobile number on one of them.”

Of course, as he continues to say, there’s the provision for creating backup code that you can store in a secure place. Ron_mcphatty keeps his things in a “fireproof box along with our passports, my kids’ birth certificates, my marriage certificate and my 100m swimming badge.”

My 100m swimming badge is on my Speedos.


No Man’s Sky has naturally been in a lot of people’s consoles for the last few weeks, as one of easily the most anticipated games of the year. Some have tired of it and moved on, but others are forging ahead. Ron_mcphatty, of keeping his kids (birth certificates) in a fireproof box fame, has finished the Atlas quest line and is now making a beeline for the centre of the galaxy. In otherwords, he’s meandering around in that general direction because he thinks he smells something nice and tasty.

DividSmythe has indulged in a true classic of gaming while on holiday, getting the platinum trophy for Day of the Tentacle Remastered, while Andrewww was truly floored by Gone Home, an ambulatory exploration game that shot to prominence a few years ago on PC.

I cant quite tell if MrYd has finished all these games, but he’s been enjoying his backlog of games. Murdered: Soul Suspect, Sniper Elite 3 and even Battleborn, which he picked up for cheap and got more than his £12 worth from.

And with that, I bid you farewell for the last time with the Chronicle in this form. Keep an eye out next Saturday for a new look round up of the week’s news, features, comments and more.


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  1. Don’t talk to me about finishing games.

    I got through Sniper Elite 3, and the Churchill missions. But there’s a bunch of stupid collectible things I missed. And trophies for doing certain things or doing it all a certain way. Which I hate when it’s a game with fairly open levels and lots of opportunity to do things your own way. I might go back and get some of them later.

    And Murdered: Soul Suspect was almost a Platinum. There was just 1 collectable out of 200+ that I missed. And due to a lack of save options, my only option is to start a whole new playthrough. Might only need to play about 1/3 of it, just to get 1 item. And the trophy for getting that set of items. Which then gives a trophy for getting everything. And then the platinum.

    Or I could just play something else instead.

    Why does Battleborn get a slightly sarcastic sounding “even Battleborn”? It’s lots of fun, has many things that make me laugh for about the first couple of hundred times they say it, and it turns into something stupidly chaotic with 5 players trying to take down Arachnis, King of the Spiders. Sorry, Geoff. He’s called Geoff.

  2. When the chronicle and round-up are combined.. does that mean TSA get’s a day off .. ;)

  3. Wow quite interesting that the 2 weekend features are being combined. Does it mean leaderboards will be back? I hope so…

  4. It was a really good race today, even if Rosberg did walk away with it. Glad to see K-Mag walk away from that crash, could have been nasty!

    • This was the first race this season I’ve managed to watch without the result being spoilt, glad I did as it was a good one! Did they get to the bottom of who was to blame for the bump at the first corner? Magnussen’s crash was indeed nasty, it’s amazing those guys can walk away from crashes like that.
      I’m gonna have to shake this looming reputation for keeping my kids in boxes, maybe I should start a weekly ‘I’m back!’ forum thread?

      • Yeah, really amazing when you consider he was going at 180mph and hit 12.5G during the impact.

    • I hardly think Rosberg walked away with it. He got an solid start, and handled everything with dominance thereafter, including the little pace battle with Ricciardo.

      It was certainly action-packed overall, really chuffed for Alonso with that strong result from last place.

      On the opening crash, I really think Vettel didn’t do anyone any favours. He closed in far too much and far too aggressively. Fair do’s, he may have expected Raikonnen to have the space on the inside, but still the move was just a smidgen over being too narrow.

      • Really? I reckon Rosberg turned his engine down as soon as he’d made a comfortable gap.

        For the first corner incident, watching it live, I thought it was Verstappen’s fault diving down the inside, but watching the replays, it was clearly Vettel that turned in on Kimi. That said, I still dislike Verstappen’s defensive driving style, if it was Maldonado blocking like that he’d of got a penalty and loads of hate. Maybe because it was his ‘home’ race the stewards were more lenient, but it’s not the first time he’s done that…

      • It’s true that if it was Maldonado it probably would have been penalised. I think Max is a brilliant talent, but he’s really been playing some dangerous moves of late. Spa could have ended in a mega crash had Raikonnen not been the veteran that he is, Germany could have seen a collision if Rosberg hadn’t have changed the braking line with Verstappen, and Hungary pretty much saw a collision happen but only lightly.

        I get he isn’t going to let go of a position lightly, but I think he needs to find the right balance of aggression and fairness.

        I find it interesting that Vettel implied Verstappen’s lack of experience was partly to cause for the turn 1 incident. I can’t help but think it’s another case of a rule book driver complaining about a passionate race move. I’d say it’s racing incident overall. Verstappen didn’t know about Vettel, and vice versa. Raikonnen was the guy getting ganged up and robbed by both driver’s ambitions. Such a shame, as Raikonnen’s form is entertaining of late.

      • Yeah, it was definitely a racing incident, nothing more.

        Monza will certainly be interesting for Verstappen. Any incident with the Ferrari’s will almost certainly result in a penalty just to keep the Tifosi happy

      • I have to pin some blame on Seb, if anything. Similar to in China, with the same Red Bull, but now a different driver.

        Things just fell perfect for Lewis, and still ahead in the championship.

        Nico still in much better shape than this time last year. Old engine explosion in Monza then broken peddle in Russia.

  5. Are we absolutely sure or had any kind of confirmation that Sony are revealing the Neo at their show? What if the rumoured console reveal has been purely the Slim all along?

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