This War Of Mine Developers Announce Frostpunk

Having survived the horrors of an active warzone in This War of Mine, developers 11 Bit Studios are asking you to stay alive on an Earth that has been completely frozen over.

It’s a very different tone to the game that really helped add weight to the studio’s name, but it’s exploring humanity and morality from a new angle. With freezing cold all around, humans have adopted steam-powered technology in order to stay warm, and society has changed to simply continue to exist. The blurb on the game’s website asks “What is culture when morality stands in the way of existence?”

Frostpunk is currently planned for a PC release in 2017, but fingers crossed it will also make an appearance on console.

Source: Frostpunk, Engadget

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  1. Im sorry whut? Fros WHAT??? Is that like Fro-Yo?

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