The Battlefield 1 Beta Is Now Open To Everyone

EA and DICE have opened the floodgates to all and sundry today, as the Battlefield 1 beta is now available to download on PS4, Xbox One and PC. This latest sneak peek at the game lets you try out two classic Battlefield game modes – Conquest and Rush – on the Sinai Desert map, replete with great big tanks, airplanes, horses and all the other trappings of the First World War.

Those who signed up to the Battlefield Insider newsletter have had a bit of a headstart, having been able to play since yesterday if they checked their emails for a download code, but you’ll all have the opportunity to unlock a special in game dogtag if you play across four separate days and reach rank 15. EA haven’t stated when the beta will end, but you’d have to guess it will be at least four days long. As a nice touch, you won’t need PlayStation Plus to try the game out on PS4.


The download on console is 6.1GB, and you can foloow these handy links to get to the three respective stores and start the beta downloading:

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  1. Spent a good few hours playing Rush last night. I’m really not sure what to make of it so far. I was quite open to the WW1 idea and weapons etc but I’m already missing the modern day assault rifles & vehicles.

    My main problem is the fact I don’t like the Desert Map whatsoever… Just seems to be full of snipers, I’m really struggling with it. In fact it seems very similar to the first map of the StarWars Battle Front Beta I played. A little too similar.

    • Reminded me a bit of Battlefront too. Partly due to the map (which I keep thinking is part of 1 of the Battlefront maps, mirrored and then expanded with a big patch of sand and some buildings). But also the much quicker pace. You die quicker and respawn quicker than in BF4 or Hardline.

      The weather is nice though. Or not nice, depending on randomness.

      And the different (but apparently historically accurate) objective names are still amusing me.

      • Butter?

      • Yeah, I do feel a bit like I’m playing Battlefront instead of Battlefield. Running around seems a bit too quick and the weapons seem too light like they need a bit more weight to them.

        Oh, and the objective names… historically accurate or not, they’re bloody annoying!!! There’s only so many times I can hear that womans voice saying Objective APPLES or Objective BUTTER before wanting to introduce her face to my spade.

        Well, I’ll give it another bash tonight and see how I get on.

    • “i got a very bad feeling” that this is going to be a reskinneed battlefront but with olde world guns.

      • Agreed – I have a horrible feeling you may be correct.

  2. Downloading as I type this. Love BF4! But hate Battlefront! If this is more Battlefront then I shall cancel my pre-order. Rainbow 6 Siege, BF4, Operation Flashpoint (Back Compat) have me covered for hardcore shooters and with Titanfall 2, CoD IW/MW4 on the horizon I need to be impressed to drop notes on BF1.
    Surely Dice realise that the thing that sets them apart from CoD is the gritty combat and large scale warfare. I don’t mind getting killed by a sniper if that sniper is over 500ft away, leading the target and accounting for bullet drop.

    I have a worrying feeling this is a game designed to be played with one hand on the controller and the other holding a glass of Nesquik :-/

  3. Battlefield is such a good game. Every title i have had on my beloved Stations over the years has dicked me at some point and prevented me from completing the campaigns and delving further online.

    Having experienced this each and every time, I’m debating whether or not to bother. If I ignore the beta and prevent myself succumbing to the temptation. I can then wait and see if it’s a bastard car crash again or a triumph.


    It’ll be awesome. I’ll hammer the beta. I’ll buy the game. It’ll do me right over. Me and the station will frown upon the disk as we send the game packing. The end.

  4. From what I have played I quite enjoyed, and that is at 720p on XB1 so the PS4 version should look even better. The vehicles are cool, most my time spent it the planes dogfighting well but missing everything with the bombs. Bayonet charge is great fun and the sniping feels right.

    Sadly it is standard mode as I much prefer “Hardcore” in the BF series. It does whiff of Battlefront in the menus etc, but once you are in the match it returns to that Battlefield feeling and started to remind of the fun I had in Battlefield 1941.

  5. Oh please let the menus be better than in BF4, not being able to set your load out before joining a server was a ridiculous matter and they never solved it. That said I still play BF4, so it never bothered me that much :-)

  6. Awesome, will download as soon as I get home!

  7. There’s an option to do something about annoying Objective Apples lady. You can magically turn her into a man, or banish her completely.

    But I don’t know if it works or not, because the servers fell over at some point. It was working fine yesterday, but it’s dead now. Guess that’s the point of a beta though.

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