Call Of Duty ‘Jackal Assault’ PlayStation VR Experience Will Be Free With Infinite Warfare

You might not have expected it a few years ago, but these days, Call of Duty and PlayStation go together like rice and peas, like Turner and Hooch, like… ice cream and cones? They’re best buds, is what I’m trying to say, and that goes beyond the timed exclusivity for the DLC packs and the fact that Call of Duty World League is all being played on PlayStation 4.

First announced back at E3, there’s a PlayStation VR exclusive Call of Duty experience on the way, and it’s designed to let you sit in the Jackal, the fighter jets that will feature heavily in Infinite Warfare, both in a planet’s atmosphere and in outer space. In other words, this is all about dogfighting, as opposed to converting Call of Duty’s on foot combat to a VR experience.


At COD XP, where this is being demoed for the first time, we also learned that it will be bundled in with the main game on PlayStation 4. It’s quite a nice freebie, if you ask me.

Here’s the announcement, starting at 50:38 in the COD XP briefing:

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  1. If it’s free form fighting and not a glorified linear set piece, I would actually be happy to spend cash on it. Never thought COD would grab my attention.

    VR and space combat is a must. Come on, developers! Do it!

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