Michael B. Jordan Is The Star Of NBA 2K17’s Career Mode

There’s no way that NBA 2K17 is going to be outdone by FIFA 17’s new story driven career mode, even if EA are able to tap on Wayne Rooney’s undoubted acting talents. So, while FIFA has Alex Hunter, a plucky young footballing talent, NBA have got Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Friday Night Lights) to play Justice Young, in what they plan to be a more open and dynamic story than last year’s Livin’ Da Dream.

Justice is a hard working second round pick for whatever team you want to choose, but he’s got a bit of an attitude on him, having been overlooked on many occasions in the past. He’s there to form a kind of dynamic duo with your created MyPlayer character, in a pairing that, for some reason, sees them nicknamed Orange Juice. By contrast, Denver Levins is an undrafted player who’s come up from the leagues in Europe and the D-League, and can offer a little light relief, and there’s plenty of other characters to interact with through the story.



Other MyCareer improvements see more options when actually creating your character, with 10 attribute categories instead of 6 last year, before picking your height, weight and wingspan. There’s better off court AI to create more dynamic interactions with other characters, which leads to text message conversations and endorsements. A lot of this can take place at MyCourt, where you can hang out with other players who now come to visit you, and get in some Live Practice and Doin’ Work training sessions.

Check out a few screenshots from the game.

Source: press release

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