Batman: Return To Arkham Is Now Due On October 18th

After months of leaks Warner Bros Interactive confirmed the existence of the Batman: Return To Arkham collection back in May, with a release date in July. However soon after the collection was delayed with no reason or no new date given. Now there has been confirmation that Batman: Return To Arkham will release October 18th in North America, and October 21st in the UK for PS4 and Xbox One.


The above video shows the PS4 versions of Asylum and City running in comparison to the PS3 versions. Return To Arkham will contain all the DLC released for both games too.

Source: Youtube

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  1. You cant not buy these. They were that good. I don’t remember it looking so bad on the 3? These will be bought for the 4.

  2. Probably my favourite of the Batman games,definitely a buy for me.

  3. Cant wait, i wosh origins had been in there too though, i replayed it recently and had a new appreciation of it.

    Knight though, too much batmobile and filler

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