The EU PS Store Has A Games For Under £16 Sale

It is time for yet another sale on the PSN, this time all the games cost less than £16, or €20 if you are in that there Eurozone. The PlayStation Store Deal of the Week has also been updated and this week you can snaffle One Piece Burning Blood for a smidgen under £30.

Here are all the PS4 games in the £16 or under sale.

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. Humph, could do with something new but there’s absolutely nothing there I’m interested in.
    Back to Neverwinter I guess until Rise of Iron.

  2. Just a day after I buy Ultra Street Fighter 4 at full price too… Bloody typical :-(

  3. Might finally get around to Alien Isolation at that silly price.

    And Valkyria Chronicles was on my list of things to get when my backlog calms down a bit.

    • Play Alien:Isolation. It is fantastic, stunning, and more.

      • Is it worth paying the extra 4 quid for all the DLC?

    • Good question. Many people complained the game was ‘too long’, with about only 18% of people ever reaching the end of the story. And then it is a stealth game, I easily spent some hours of playtime just hiding in lockers, being terrified by the thing, enormously enjoying the experience. But for me, the game could’ve lasted seven times as long, I would still have loved it.

      Most of the DLC plays totally different than the main game, as you have to do speed runs while running means your instant death. Sort of ‘speed sneaking’ with search tasks on top for high score points, I loved these and played them for months, ended up in the top ten for some of them, but I think they’re rather for those really being addicted to this game.

      There’s one DLC which is different, it’s basically the Nostromo, involves initiating the self-destruct routine, which is a must for all Alien fans, I can’t remember the name though.

      But if you think it may not be quite your game, then you definitely get enough content with the main game only.

      • Hmm, 5 bits of DLC for “survivor mode” plus the “crew expendable” and “last survivor” DLC, which I guess is stuff you say is different.

        Survivor mode sounds horrible, but if the other bits are for Alien fans (which I guess I am, since I’ll fight anyone who says Aliens is a better film because they’re wrong! ;)

        Bugger. Those 2 bits on their own cost more than the £4 extra for the whole lot. Oh well.

    • Short version: just give them your money, makes Alien:Isolation 2 more likely… ;o)

  4. Bought Wolfenstein, Tales of Zestiria, Ratchet and Clank and Download III. Now I just need time to play them

  5. If anyone likes puzzles that will drive you mad and then make you feel all clever once you crack them, I’d recommend The Talos Principal. Just the right level of introducing new things, training you to use them, and then throwing something evil at you while the game just sits there going “Yeah? You’ve got the hang of it now? Well try this then!” while laughing at you as you try and fire lasers through a thing balanced on top of a cube floating in the air above a powerful fan. While playing with yourself.

    And I don’t mean that in a rude way. Perverts.

    Or maybe you’re not up to an intellectual challenge like that? In which case, I guess there’s that Lego game. Any of them, they’re all entertaining enough.

  6. I see.

    Just excuse me whilst I violently flip the desk, have a minor rage about sales happening when I am unemployed and never happening when I am and attacking the PG Tips monkey.

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