Trailer Released Showing The Elder Scrolls Online Running On The PS4 Pro

When the PS4 Pro was unveiled yesterday there were announcements of different games that would be taking advantage of the console’s extra power. One such game is The Elder Scrolls Online and today ZeniMax has released a trailer showing what the MMO will look like when played on the Pro. Obviously to get the full effect of the footage you’ll need to view it on a 4K display.


The Elder Scrolls Online will receive a patch to allow the game to run at native 4K. Those who play on 1080p HD monitors will notice improvements in the graphical output of The Elder Scrolls Online.

Source: Press Release

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  1. I’ve sunk so many hours into this game, and it’s good to see it frequently updated.
    As I have a 4k PC rig I might be able to see what the quality differences are when the PS4 Pro version is released….
    ….. if I can get a PS4 Pro of course…..

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