Broken Covenant: The Silent Hill Game That Never Was

It’s no secret that, during the early creative stages of game development, plenty of ideas either get shelved or simply fail to entice prospective publishers. While working on Silent Hill: Origins for the PlayStation Portable, Climax LA approached Konami with a pitch to bring the horror franchise to PS3 back in 2006.

This project would later become Silent Hill: Broken Covenant, though neither were greenlit by the Japanese publisher. Although the story should end there, a video recent uploaded by PtoPOnline shows a very early prototype of the game Climax LA would have used.


Using assets from Silent Hill: Origins, it’s fairly basic and doesn’t really illustrate how the game would have looked if it were given the go ahead. What’s more interesting is some of the details accompanying the demo reel.

Silent Hill PS3, or Broken Covenant, would have featured a priest named Hector Santos as its lead protagonist. Set in the American Southwest, the story would follow a group of cultists that left Silent Hill for Arizona, the game featuring familiar enemies such as nurses, mumblers, and Pyramid Head.

Sucked into this twisted world, Santos would need to perform holy rituals to purge the cult’s influence with other features such as dynamic weather and vehicle sections coming into play. Similar to Sony’s Siren: Blood Siren, Broken Covenant was also pitched as an episodic release, offering smaller sized chunks of gameplay that would string together.

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