What We Played #271: Forza Horizon 3, Bioshock Collection & Mafia III

It’s been a week of hardware revisions and graphics comparisons, which has made things pretty interesting. As we learn more about the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro though you can only imagine that attention needs to shift back to PSVR sometime soon. If there’s anything to come out of the Sony’s forthcoming schedule it’s that we’re going to learn if you can release three substantial products within two months of each other.

I thought that PSVR was going to be the big story for Christmas. The huge glut of exclusive console titles that its bringing with it really will make for a discernible difference this holiday season, particularly in the ongoing battle with Microsoft, but right now it feels as though its being overshadowed – in main by PS4 Pro. Suddenly this is where the cutting edge lies, and attention is focussed on whether you can afford a new 4K, HDR-enabled TV rather than a PS Camera and a couple of Move controllers. Right now Sony is only really in danger of one thing; losing to itself, but PSVR in particular needs that install base for developers to see it to be worthwhile, and for every pre-order cancelled in favour of PS4 Pro they put that in jeopardy.

Perhaps though we should all just appreciate what we have – even on the internet! – and I’ve definitely appreciated my first hands-on with Forza Horizon 3 which is shaping up to be one of the finest open-world racers of all time. I’ve also been getting into Paper Mario: Color Splash, despite the missing letters in the title as well as returning to the original Dead Rising with it’s re-release on PS4.

Miguel also got into the Dead Rising spirit with Off The Record, as well as a spell on Yakuza 2, though that’s all he’s been able to squeeze in. Kris meanwhile raved about RunGunJumpGun which is an uber-cool auto-running platformer, with great cyberpunk pixel-art and an amazing soundtrack. Expect a review soon!

Jim has been getting into a couple of games this week, but not his multiplayer favourites;

This week’s been a bit of a quiet one for me. No Uncharted 4 or Overwatch. Instead I’ve put more time into Syberia and then played some Ni No Kuni on PlayStation 3. It’s just as fab and enchanting as it was back in 2013. However, the weird combat mechanics continue to perplex me despite being several hours in. There was some One Way Trip too but I’d rather not talk about it. Although interesting, just talking about the game triggers a nauseating effect.

Sadly Tuffcub is finding No Man’s Sky just a bit dull, which is exactly what he was expecting so at least he’s not chomping at the bit for refund! He’s also been painting his flat – and his cat, but only a tiny bit – so not much else has been getting played though he’s started The Bunker for a review which may well appear next week.

Dave has had a pretty good week, having received random consoles through the post, though sadly it wasn’t a new PS4 ‘Slim’.

I’ve just been playing the things I was reviewing: Pac-Man Championship Edition 2, Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas, and I also played Bioshock Collection (Bioshocks 1, 2, & Infinite).

I also randomly got sent a PlayStation in the post that was chipped. I know this because my old imported copy of Dragon Warrior 7 worked. Bit redundant now that Dragon Quest VII is available on 3DS, but amusing all the same. There were also a bunch of games there, along with a few niche ones I’m interested in playing at some point when I have the time!

Finally, head honcho Tef dropped in to let us know that he’s mostly been playing Mafia III which is shaping up nicely, though there’s parts that he’s yet to be totally sold on. One thing’s for certain; the city of New Bordeaux is a hit with him, as is the 60s setting, but look out for his final thoughts in the near future. Otherwise he dabbled with Dead Rising 2 and he’s been playing with the PS4 ‘Slim’, which is a nice piece of kit, but immediately looks to be superseded by the upcoming PS4 Pro.

But, enough about us, what have you all been playing?

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  1. A bit of mucking about in GTA Online with Pixel and heedbaw (Forrest is on holiday).
    Got some PSN credit for my birthday on Wednesday (I’m now 44 if anybody cares), so I picked up a few games (Absolute Drift, Letter Quest, Unepic and Nightmare of the Deep).
    So far I’ve only played a little of Absolute Drift, enjoyable but bloody difficult.
    Hammered Letter Quest yesterday, finished it off 100% earlier today.
    Made a start on Unepic, played maybe 2 hours or so, really liking it.
    Not tried NotD yet but I do enjoy a good point’n’click/hidden object game (and it reviewed reasonably well).

    • Happy Birthday for the Wednesday old git ;) i didn’t realise was Wednesday.

  2. I haven’t had much time this week really worth lots of things going on and work. Though the little time I’ve had I have played PES 2017 which is amazing and Rory McIlroy golf which I had a funny glitch which is in my Ps4 history.

    @R1MJAW happy birthday for Wednesday just gone.

  3. I played a little of Lords of the Fallen, not bad although the difficulty seems to spike suddenly. So far, i’m managing the combat okay but not enjoying it as much as i did in Bloodborne. With Bloodborne grinding or farming was enjoyable but i haven’t yet found any area in LotF which holds that same appeal for me.

    Mostly though it’s been NMS and Ratchet&Clank, which i picked this week in the sale. i’m playing NMS a bit differently now, still following the Atlas path but exploring more purely now, which means i’m not really visiting the bases on the planets so much, just wandering around looking for valuables and large ore deposits, checking out the local wildlife and flora, sticking around far too long to enjoy the changes of the day/night cycle and filling up my captures folder.
    Ratchet & Clank is a gorgeous remake – Insomniac have done a fantastic job making it all shiny and new while at the same time keeping it fondly familiar. And it’s another one of those games which i find it difficult to stop playing so i hope Insomniac have more planned for the franchise.

    • I’ve got Ratchet and Clank to play next, good to hear it’s so impressive! I only played the original and sequel for a few hours but remember loving it. Still loving NMS then? I’ve not felt the pull to play again since moving on, I feel like I’ve kicked the addiction but that it wouldn’t take much to get it back if the disc were to mysteriously fall back into the PS4!
      Lego Force Awakens for me. It’s nice to play kids games every now and then, this one is very innocent, silly and easy, but despite the lack of challenge perfectly enjoyable. Finished all the missions two days ago so I’ve moved on to a spot of trophy hunting in Uncharted and Battlefront. Hopefully a DS4 wireless adapter will arrive in the post shortly so I can revisit Portal 2 on my living room telly.

      • Portal 2, great game i need to add it to my replay list now too!

  4. Still playing Oblivion. Still wondering if this be mentioned in the round up/chronicle’s offspring and looking at overwatch porn.

    Along with elder scrolls porn. What? It’s healthy! I can quit any time! Porn is an art! STOP JUDGING ME! I’LL EAT ALL OF YOU ALIVE!

  5. Messed about in GtaV with R1MJAW and heedbaw for a bit,finnished the single player story and played some Division,some games of Prominence Poker and some Attack on Titan and Destiny.

  6. Was away half the week on a business trip to the other end of Europe, so I didn’t game that much.

    Played mostly The Wolf among us, which is quite good. Some bits I’ve replayed to get other outcomes, only to find out you couldn’t really get a very different outcome whatever you did, but I guess that’s ok. The story is good and it makes you want to find out more.

    Quickly ticked off another Plus game from my backlog: Broken age. What an annoying game. I really tried to give it a chance for a full half hour, clicking all over the place but always getting the same wannabe-funny replies again and again, then I couldn’t take it any longer and deleted it. Definitely not my game.

  7. Finally got the platinum for battlefield 4, brilliant game. Now my k/d rate is getting a bit of a battering as I try for the dlc trophies. Just can’t get a kill on that damn dirt-bike!
    Also dipped back into resogun for a few hours, another great little game. Plus still playing pes2015 become a legend, only world player of the year trophy left.

  8. Forza Horizon 3 demo. Wow this series shows you that it is possible to make a gorgeous open world game that is bug free, fun yet not realistic. Made in the UK too. I could talk all day about this but It justifies buying an X1 on it’s own (though it is on PC now).

    Preordered that, along with Mafia 3 which I had forgot to do. Cancelled BF1 as I don’t think I’ll have enough time with everything else out.

    Mainly my time has been spent on the original Forza horizon thru back compat, and F1 2016 on PS4. FIFA 17 demo a bit too. I think it’s unspectacular but I need a footy game and I like PES 2017 even less, I don’t know why as I enjoyed last years alot…

  9. Finished up some Peggle2 achievements this week and then moved onto wwe2k16.
    Also downloaded the forza horizon 3 demo. Brilliant.

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