Watch 15 Minutes Of Metal Gear Survive Gameplay

Konami livestreamed fifteen minutes worth of gameplay from Metal Gear Survive at the weekend and it’s been captured on YouTube so we can all have a gander at it this morning.


It appears to be a lot less guns-and-explosions that the original launch trailer suggested and features a lot of crouching, hiding, and tactical play. So quite Metal Gear-ish, then.

One aspect that is new to the series are the enemies, which Hideo Kojima questioned recently, “The Metal Gear games are about political fiction and espionage,” he said, “Where do zombies fit in with that?”

UPDATE: It appears that the game looks very Metal Gear-y because it uses the same map as Metal Gear Sold V.

Source: YouTube

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  1. Konami aside,i did like the gameplay and the fact that it’s co-op,but there’s something about it i don’t like i can’t put my finger on it.

  2. So it reuses the same map, which is pretty big, the gameplay seems to be decent(can’t view videos and have heard it’s decent).

    If it weren’t a Metal Gear game, it would have a solid chance of doing well. Because it is a bastard gear(Yes, i’m callling all future titles that from now on) one, it will fail. Why? Because Konami. Kojima effed up with MGSV but they share the blame with him and well, they are far more guilty of many other things then Kojima fecking up the “Missing” link. No, i’m not letting that go. I spent the last of my wages on it! Disappointment, anger, I felt! I’LL SHOW YOU MY RAGE! Or not as i’m over it.

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