Rez Infinite’s Area X Revealed In New Trailer

Enhance Games has released the first footage of Rez Infinite’s Area X, a new stage for Rez that is exclusive to Infinite. Area X is being described as an experiment by Enhance’s CEO Tetsuya Mizuguchi, and a new way to experience Rez. It has the basic shooting mechanic involved but other than that the claim is that Area X is different to the rest of the Rez Infinite. Not much detail is given but you can check it out in the trailer below.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Nice, no idea what the differences are but it looks pretty. Can’t wait for this, I haven’t had a blast on Rez in years, and I was gonna say trophies will be a bonus but having looked at Child of Eden’s list again I’m guessing they’ll mostly be for the uber dexstrous and mentally gifted! So not me, hah.

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