Uncharted 4 “Bounty Hunters” DLC Introduces Free Mode, Map & More

Naughty Dog has gone live with its latest content drop for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Teased earlier this month, it pumps a healthy dose of free content into the game’s superb online multiplayer.


First up we have a new objective-based team mode. Bounty Hunter works in a similar fashion to Call of Duty’s Kill Confirmed. When KO’ed, players will drop token that can be retrieve for points and cash. While not entirely original, Naughty Dog has tried to put its own spin on this popular multiplayer mode: at regular intervals a captain will be selected on either team, triggering impromptu manhunts. Once killed, their bounty can be retrieved for a massive cache of points. The time it takes to lock down a captain’s bounty turns it into a checkpoint of sorts with attacking players forced to set up a perimeter before the other team comes to reclaim it.

Fans of Uncharted 2 will be delighted to see an old favourite return to the series’ map cycle. With its idyllic views, multiple vantage points, and propane tanks, Village will continue to be the perfect battleground for some intense multiplayer action.

Naturally, players can expect a bevy of new loadout and customisation options as follows.


  • DC Single Action – Semi-Automatic Revolver
  • RKL-155 – Fully Automatic mid Pistol
  • Lowe-S – Assault Rifle
  • Harrison 1890 – Lever Action Rifle
  • US-AN 12 – Automatic Shotgun (Heavy Weapon)


  • Lock ‘n Load – Put ammo from pickups immediately in your clip
  • Undisturbed – Hold a charge melee while rolling and climbing
  • Silent Assassin – Take out the enemy without the other their team knowing
  • Weapons Expert – Aim your weapon while vaulting, falling, jumping


  • Shield of Asgard ­– Reduces incoming damage for a brief period

It’s surprising how Naughty Dog are able to work in new weapons and gear considering the wealth of options already available.

These come in tow with loads of new cosmetic items. These skins and costumes are split between three themes: military, western, and apocalypse. There are also some cool new taunts to mock your opponents with.

Lastly, players can now go and re-watch matches using the Cinema Replay tool. Combined with capture devices and PlayStation 4’s Share button, this will surely open the door for plenty more fan films.

Source: Naughty Dog

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  1. Well I would have a look but I still haven’t bothered renewing my PS Plus seeming there’s no games at the moment I want to play online. Also, I thought the co-op mode would be available by now.

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