Developers Drop Oculus Rift After Oculus Founder Supports Donald Trump “Sh*tposting” Group

Palmer Luckey, the multi millionaire founder behind Oculus Rift, was recently outed as the supporter of a group dedicated to “sh*tposting” and the creation of memes that ridicule Hilary Clinton.

The pro-Trump political organisation ‘Nimble America’ recieved $10,000 from Luckey who also allegedly wrote defamatory posts on a Reddit group using the pseudonym “NimbleRichMan”. Luckey has now apologised for his actions but denies writing any of the comments, despite The Daily Beast, who uncovered the story, having written statements that he did.


A number of VR Developers have now dropped support for the headset, most notably the Fez developer, Polytron, whilst Insomniac Games, who have strong ties to Oculus and exclusive games on the system, gave this statement to distance themselves.

Insomniac Games condemns all forms of hate speech. While everyone has a right to express his or her political opinion, the behavior and sentiments reported do not reflect the values of our company. We are also confident that this behavior and sentiment does not reflect the values of the many Oculus employees we work with on a daily basis.

Facebook, who now own Oculus, have yet to comment on the controversy. If you want to despair at the human race, then head on over to the Reddit which started the whole thing, it’s something else.

Source: Gamsutra / The Daily Beast

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  1. Insomniac’s reaction is fair, doesn’t seem right to punish Oculus when he doesn’t own it anymore.

    • But he still works for Oculus/Facebook. And Facebook should be at the very least making a very similar statement. Although they’d probably go more for something along the lines of “He’s a massive dick, but he’s our, expensive, massive dick, so we’ll just say we disagree with him”.

      Mind you, they also still have that arse that spent 10 years on his stupid mission to destroy Gawker on their board. So it’s fairly obvious Facebook don’t give a toss about anything other than money.

      And yet somehow the Gamergate muppets don’t like Facebook for being too left wing.

      • It’ll be interesting to see if Facebook do respond but yeah, if that Gawker guy is still on the board ..

  2. Theres a fine line between genius and insanity, I guess this proves it..

    Still, if these devs now start moving their stuff to the more open Vive environment, Im not going to be complaining at all.

  3. I love that Phil Fish’s Ploytron has pulled support, I always enjoy a bit of Fish news, I think he’s as brilliant as he is bastardly. And good statement by Insomniac, their sentiment about the rest of the team at Oculus is very sensible. I might dip into the Reddit page later for a bit of recreational outrage.

    • No! Don’t do it! I like a bit of recreational outrage, but that reddit link is just too far. You’ll want to kill someone. Probably everyone, thinking we’ve obviously failed as a species and it’d be better if everyone just died.

    • Comment of the day. This made me laugh, and I agree. Very mature of them to realise all the hard working men and women behind the brand.

    • MrYd, you may be older than me but that’s the first time I’ve followed a link to Reddit and I haven’t got a bloody clue what’s going on, so I feel old! I’ll follow your advice and avoid reading the anal gush of a thousand angry teenagers but that’s only because I can’t work out how to and I am gonna go and find out how to read Reddit. An old old internet hermit loser, that’s me, like the man whose never in his life left his home town except my home town is TSA! …The forums aren’t what they used to be, bloody youth of today.

      • The forums? It’s the internet that’s not what it used to be. I remember when all this used to be animated under construction gifs. And what would happen on port 23.

      • The forums have become TSA’s OBSELETE MULE. The seven deities have abandoned the forum and will become deleted in the future.

        Or i just really wanted to make that joke about the forum.

        I miss the ol’ days of the forums where well, nothing mature happened but a lot of banter, cock jokes, ass jokes, basically a porn thread and other hijinks occured.

        Now? It is an old rockstar that tries to keep itself relevant but only plays in small pubs as no-one else was available and is barely paid more then a penny.

  4. Dun dun duuu duu du duuu dun dun du…

    It’s the Funeral march theme. This is the nail that kills Oculus. Expensive controllers, high price. This is the thing that kills it.

    It really shouldn’t matter if one rich bloke *gasps* decides to use his cash to do stuff for his political beliefs. However, i think Facebook and the developers are more offended by the shitposting group then him supporting Trump. Politics are politics. Shitposting can be harmless to flat out abuse. By harmless, i mean silly stuff such as stupid jokes, jokes etc.. Safe for work memes and so on. The other stuffcan be very offensive and that is what I think they want to avoid being associated with.

    And yet, Peter Molyneux still has a job. What? It’s my new running gag. Like it?

    • Yep. If some idiot has got lots of money, he can spend it on whatever he wants. Even some offensive nonsense in support of a man with stupid hair.

      But I’m not going to pay for it, and so anyone he works for isn’t going to get any of my money. Not that I had any intention of buying a stupid expensive hat anyway.

      Same as that tosser that got Mozilla in to trouble a while back. Some people were all “oooh, free speech, he’s allowed to be a homophobic arsehole and donate money”, to which the only reply is “yes, and free speech let’s people point out he’s a bit of a tit and makes the company look bad”.

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