Bulletstorm Rated For PS4, Xbox One, And PC

Microsoft gave us the first hint that Bulletstorm was getting a fresh lick of paint and heading to the new consoles when they included a load of images in their E3 PR pack. Developers People Can Fly refused to comment on the leak but now one of those pesky ratings boards has outed the new version.

Specifically it’s the Brazilian ratings board who have rated Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


There are no details on exactly what the “Full Clip” edition will include, but presumably some sort of remaster is in order. If you’ve never played Bulletstorm it’s actually a really good shooter, but let down by the most ridiculous swearing ever, almost every other word is a F bomb.

Of course, one has to wonder how many people want a six year old shooter, especially one that has been given away free on PlayStation Plus

Expect an official announcement soon.

Source: Gematsu


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  1. Good game good game

  2. Wake me up when Watch Dogs 2 comes out…

  3. I didn’tike this game and thought it Handled terribly and was really clunky. Glad I didn’t pay for it and only played it because of ps+.

  4. I enjoyed the single-player but sadly, the multi-player servers had shut down before I could try online. Might get this again when it’s dirt-cheap (and the servers are shut on ps4 probably…)

  5. I loved Bulletstorm. Yes, it was immature and a bit repetitive but it was a fresh of breath air in a genre that pretty much was trying to be COD or Battlefield at the time. It was fun, silly, over the top and kinda a 90s FPS. No fecks given, it did what it wanted to and flipped the bird.

    It is worth noting that EA doesn’t own Bulletstorm anymore due to People Can Fly either getting out of their contract or EA releasing them. This could be their way of seeing if it’s worth taking another stab at it.

  6. I can’t remember if i bought it or got it on plus but i did enjoy the combination of weapons, leash and sliding tackles etc.

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