November’s PlayStation Plus Games Have Been Leaked By Sony

Someone at Sony has pressed the wrong button and uploaded a nice big image showing November’s PlayStation Plus games, and they’re much better than this months ragged offerings.

The image shows the superbly sweary Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition, and Sega’s Yakuza Kiwami.


What do you think of November’s offerings? I played through Bulletstorm earlier this year but fancy giving it another go.

Source: via Twitter

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  1. This months games are all a bit shit, really. So those 2 for November seems like a much better month.

    Bulletstorm was stupid sweary fun back on the PS3, so another go at that could be good. And you can’t go wrong with some Yakuza.

    People in other parts of the internet aren’t believing it though. It’s on Sony’s official PlayStation website and they think it’s fake, because they fell for a poorly constructed “leak” of the games for October, so obviously any leak is going to be fake now.

    Of course, Sony have got 27 days to decide to offer us something else before they announce it. So we could get neither of them next month. Or just 1. If we don’t get both, it’s likely we’ll get them at some point soon though.

  2. I’ve only played the original version of Bulletstorm but i enjoyed it’s mix of shooting, kicking, whipping/lassooing etc so i’ll be up for another run through.

  3. Don’t believe it til I see it on November.
    Same happened to Diabolo III and Nioh for this month and turned out to be false rumours!
    I wonder if that is some clever ploy that Sony ‘leaks’ the November plus knowing that Sony can’t make them free but wants us gamers to know that November is better than October but Sony was forced to ‘change’ the plus games? If you know what I mean…. I hope!

    • That was just a random leak though I am sure. This is actually Sony themselves that have posted this. Definitely gives it more credence.

      • Was it a random leak? Or someone trolling Reddit with a not very convincing fake image? Not for the first time either.

        Sony themselves posting this one suggests we’re definitely getting those 2 games, possibly next month or at least sometime soon.

    • That was a fake leak on Reddit. You can tell it was fake because we didn’t post it :) This is actually on, you can see it for yourselves…

      • It’s still there. You’d have thought it’d be pulled by now and replaced with one suggesting Knack is coming on PS Plus

    • Also: Stop reading other sites. Tsk.

  4. Not too bad. Thoroughly enjoyed Bulletstorm on the last gen. if you’re a Just Cause fan then it’s equally bonkers and entertaining. Sadistic use of the whip, in a similar way to excessive overuse of the taser in Syphon Filter 1, rarely gets old.

  5. Meh, nothing for me there.

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