The EVE: Valkyrie PSVR Founders Pack Includes Exclusive Items

There are just two weeks before PlayStation VR launches and alongside it EVE: Valkyrie, the space fighting sim set in the EVE universe. Those who pick up the Founders Pack – that’s the Day One Edition to you and me – will get some extra special in game bonuses.

The S4 Wraith is the first exclusive item, a mean looking ship decked out in a black and blue to match your PlayStation 4. It’s even got a custom controller in the cockpit which resembles the Dualshock 4, which is a neat touch.


You will also get the Cobalt Flight Suit, exclusive in game and forum avatars, and 2,500 gold to spend on unique paint jobs, XP boosters, and other optional ship customisation.


Source: EVE Valkyrie

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