You Can Download A New PSVR ‘Demo Disc’ With Loads Of New Demos

Good news if you have a fancy Sony hat, there’s a new ‘demo disc’ and you can download it now from the PlayStation Store. Two of the demos were on the old disk but the rest are brand new and include some games that have not been released such as Moss, a game that everyone seems to be talking about.

Here’s what you get on the new ‘disc’

EVE: Valkyrie
Star Child
The Persistence
Tiny Trax
Dino Frontier *
Fantastic Contraption *
Job Simulator *
Raw Data *
Rez Infinite *

*PlayStation®Move required

Source: PS Store

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  1. Downloaded it last night so hopefully will get to try it out tonight, especially interested in The Persistence.

  2. Sweet will download it soon. Been a while since I played any VR games and was too busy with newest released titles!

  3. 5 of the demos were (and still are) on the old version. Battlezone, Eve Valkyrie, Thumper, Job Simulator and Rez Infinite.

    The Persistence is disappointing (unless the full game has options the demo doesn’t). Turning is far too sensitive, and it keeps pestering you about teleporting, which is a terrible way to move around.

    Star Child looks promising, and Moss is unbelievably cute. Looking very promising. (Look down at the water near the start too)

    Not tried any of the other new ones yet. Except Tiny Trax, which I bought a while back. And everyone should buy too.

    • Original Demo Disc was Driveclub VR, RIGS Mechanized Combat League, Tumble VR, PlayStation VR Worlds, Battlezone, EVE Valkyrie, Headmaster and Wayward Sky. So just Eve and Battlezone are repeats.

      You talking about the PSVR Demo pack, which is a different thing. This is digital version of the demo disc which ships with PSVR now.

      And yes this is splitting hairs. Shush :)

      • They’re listed on the store as “PlayStation VR Demo” and “PlayStation VR Demo Collection 2”.

        It appears Sony can’t be consistent when it comes to (a) digital/physical versions, (b) countries, and (c) naming things.

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